BOOK LOVE – Mangoes and Mischief by Sreedevi Gopakumar

Book – Mangoes and Mischief
Author – Sreedevi Gopakumar
Illustrator – Sahitya Rani

Malu and Moidooty find themselves in a pickle for stealing mangoes. And what must they do to get out of trouble? Find many, many more mangoes.

Malu and Moidutty are thick friends. And all they do during their Summer break is play, eat, repeat.

But one day, Moidutty starts craving for luscious Mangoes, so our spirited Girl in-charge takes it upon herself to find them some mangoes promptly.


But to their surprise there is someone who lives in the trees who gets mighty annoyed at being disturbed.

Who is that someone?
And what are the consequences of this? And what do they have to do to get out of this situation?


We are so glad we got to read this totally yummilicious book.

Mangoes and Michief by Sreedevi Gopakumar

We cannot help but draw parallels here ( please humour us). A mango loving boy, Moidutty aka Aarya, and a spunky little smart girl aka Anjali who is the mastermind behind the muddle they get into <3

I have had a childhood spent stealing Mangoes and sharing the bounty with the Moms so that they could make delicious dishes all through summer for us. So there was an instant connection💕

The kids loved reading the story. Aarya could easily read the whole story without my help. Full points to the Author for keeping the words simple, and the story adventurous and perfect for both boys and girls.

I instantly was transported back in time, to my childhood days and I wish I could go back in time ❤️

This book is perfect as a read aloud for 3 plus and amazing as an early reader too

The illustrations are so perfect and totally capture you in immediately. I love love love and have featured a few for your to savour and enjoy 💕

I LOVED this book a lot and recommend it wholeheartedly <3 and so do my kids 🎉

And the icing on the cake? I have a GIVEAWAY GOING LIVE ON MY INSTAGRAM PAGE.

YES! 2 Lucky Little Monsters get a chance to win copies of this fabulous book. So, go and enter right away 🌷🌷🌷  

You can Buy Mangoes and Mischief by Sreedevi Gopakumar on Amazon

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Play Shifu Space Explorer Box – Review

Play Shifu Explorer Box
Play Shifu Explorer Box

After we tried our Play Shifu Travel box and had loads of fun, we decided to try Play Shifu Space Explorer Box! We are having a lot of fun with our Play Shifu Space Explorer Box, and here is our review of it!


Unravel the Cosmic Mysteries with the Play Shifu Space Explorer Box!! 

And as expected after our great experience with Play Shifu’s Travel Box this was super hit with Aarya, we had a field day with his favorite Space Box

We have been using PLAY SHIFU’s SPACE EXPLORER box for 3 weeks now. . . And I declare this to be our favourite box. Aarya and me are both amazed at all the information that we had no clue about !!

Play Shifu Space Explorer Box
What’s Inside – Play Shifu Space Explorer Box

Tell you the truth it is a challenge when information is so scattered on the internet you have no idea how to collate it and use it to educate your space – enthusiast 🙄. But with Play Shifu Explorer Box, it is easy, convenient, educational but fun. .

Play Shifu Space Explorer Box is-

💥 Augmented reality enabled educational game for kids.

💥 for 5 plus Space – loving kids .

💥 mobile / handheld device based learning game. You need WiFi/ internet just once to download the app. .

💥 There are 60 cards full of amazing information, exploring Space related phenomena, missions, personalities and so much more. All at the tip of you fingertips .

💥 Visualise, know and understand Space 🚀 related equipment, solar system , important personalities and much more. .

💥Learning made fun with its interactive approach


What does one learn from Play Shifu Space Explorer Box –

Play Shifu Space Explorer Box
Image created using Play Shifu Space Explorer Box App
  1. Solar System
  2. Universe
  3. Space Related Technology
  4. Space Explorers


How do I use it with my 7year old –

  1. I let him explore on his own a couple of times, So that he gets familiar with it.
  2. We take a card, like he has, solar eclipse to study for his EVE. We watch how solar eclipse happens; then we hear about the details of it. Visual Learning is so much more effective and easier for the little minds because they learn by visualizing what actually happens as opposed to reading about it.
  3. We also learn spellings, see how equipment work and learn more about many prominent Space Explorers.

All in all, Play Shifu’s Space explorer box is amazing, challenging for my kids, and packs a lot of information. It is travel friendly, and can be taken anywhere and the best part it is when I am using it, I do not NEED Wi-Fi after the installation.

Play Shifu Space Explorer Box is a great Box for kids and a great gifting option as well.

You can Buy Play Shifu on Amazon via affliate links and support my site on the side bar!

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Blog Train: My Parenting Mantra – Raising Siblings to Love each other

Parenting Mantra
Welcome aboard this blog train – My Parenting Mantra. We have some awesome bloggers who are going to drive it for over a month. We promise to bring you some enriching contents that will add to your own parenting experience.

Thank You, Syeda [Hyderabadi Mom], for introducing me! Super Happy to get aboard this train chauffeured by one Amazing Mommy Blogger Shubada (Rainbow Diaries)

Parenting Mantra
Aarya and Anjali in Lonavala

Parenting is an easy task, said no Mom ever. And like the day my babies where handed to me in little bundles, I am still clueless. Everyday for the last 7 years, I have woken up with a resolution to be a better mom, and do better than yesterday. And each day I sleep asking forgivance for the mistakes I have made, and forgiving them and me.

So what is my Parenting Mantra?

It won’t be a lie, if I say I have None!


I don’t have one!

Every day, every situation is a learning experience. Each day is a new day and with it comes a new challenge.

Honestly Parenting Aarya was a cake-walk.He is a sweet, dedicated and amazing son. He is careless and lies sometimes but he is wonderful in his heart and loves us to the core.Parenting Mantra

But with Anjali, the parenting was a different experience all together. She is unpredictable most of the times. Sometimes needy, sometimes wonderfully independent and hence there is a “new” situation to deal with each day every day.

But like most parents of Siblings, I always want them to be there for each other. Every day, I remind them that even if I weren’t there, they had to be there for each other. Parenting for me is bringing them up together, but uniquely and to make sure that they love each other even when differences amount!


Parenting Mantra


I wake everyday, and help them nurture their bond, everyday.

I wake everyday, and help them deal with their differences!

I wake everyday, and help them love each other on our most difficult days.

I wake every day, and make them believe that their only competition is themselves and not each other.

I wake everyday, and try to love and support them more, so that they learn to do the same.

I wake everyday, with a promise to myself to be better than yesterday. Because like every adult in this adult world, I lose it more often than I would like to admit. Adulting was difficult, but Oh Boy! Parenting is just another level of crazy on most days!


That definitely sums up my journey in a 400 odd word tribute to my Babies who made me a Mother, to the babies who are my whole world, and to my babies for whom I want to be the best version forever. And to my babies who keep us grounded and so so loved <3


I would also love to introduce you to this Gorgeous Mommy friend whose Parenting Mantra will be up on her blog tomorrow <3 Read and show her some comment love too. Introducing Dipika of The Gleeful Blogger <3

Parenting Mantra

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5 reasons I ditched Reading at Bedtime

The usual thing for me to do with Aarya when he was a small Bub was to lie down on the bed with him on my hand, with 1 or 5 books and have a Gala time reading all the books. This was our time together and we both loved it. Enter Little Ms. Sunshine, and I had 2 kids, 5 to 10 books, 2 arms with 2 heads and no idea how to hold the book. They wrestled, whose book would be read first while I try to balance everything which in the end toppled on one of their heads. After doing this for days, I DTCHED READING AT BEDTIME

2 kids

5 Reasons I Ditched reading at Bedtime

  • It was STRESSFUL

    Reading at bedtime was supposed to bring us together but in a way it was becoming a bedtime battle in our home. my routine of putting baby Aarya on my hand and cuddling and reading lend itself to an idea that we could read only like that. Which means when I tried to tell him to lie on a pillow, even at 6 he would think Mom is giving Anjali a preference by putting her on the hand. Having both of them on my hand was painful and I just couldn’t find any comfort in it. So at the end of the day I was dreading bedtime 🙁


  • Too Many books

    I realised much to my distress that there was some kind of silent competition going on. If Aarya chose 2 books, Anjali had to read 3 and so on. Seriously at the end of the day, who wants to spend so much time reading so many books. Here we were spending precious time debating which one to read. it always ended in disappointment


  • I was always TIRED 

    It wasn’t the reading, honestly. it was the fighting, the choosing, the making them understand. my goodness, it was so TIRING. I just did not want t deal with it at he end of the day


  • They seem to always be distracted 

    I am not sure if it is the sum total of
    trying to WIN, or what; but I saw a surge in them trying to spoil each other’s experience. There was also the fact that Aarya found Anjali’s choices boring, quite understandbly he did not want to read other counting book, or another toddler book.


  • We were always DISAPPOINTED

    It is given right, with so many reasons, I was always on edge and irritated even before we were done with the 1st book. Most of the time, I just tell them I am done and we are all so angry, disappointed and just plain not happy.


When this happened every time I tried reading to them, I decided to ditch bedtime reading. I do not have a bedtime routine yet. But we shifted our reading to other times.

I read –

  • in the morning, when my 3 year old wakes up all cranky, I have a book ready nd she is instantly interested in the book and not in the tantrum which she was about to explode into.
  • in te afternoon, after school.
  • in the evening when my 6 year old is back.

So we read anytime during our day and I don’t lie down anymore. I sit on the sofa, or sit on the floor or whatever suits us. We do it together only if we are reading a book that both of them fancy reading. But most of the time we do one-on-one reading. Anjali has her own special bedtime story session with her father, and thats something she loves. This is her alone time with her Dad, much like Aarya has his time of playing cricket with his Dad.



I also think limiting reading to bedtime is not fair! Because there is only a little time window there, reading should take up more time. It should be more fun and not a battleground <3 <3.

So, when do you read to your kid? How does bedtime reading work for you? Do you have a bedtime routine, do share <3

Follow my blog updates on Facebook, a sneak into our lives on Instagram, tweet me a Hi on Twitter and see what I am pinning on Pinterest, lets stay connected!

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Play Shifu – Travel – Review

Hello Lovely Mommas,  Today I am going to talk about this new game on the block, PLAY SHIFU – Travel Box.

Play Shifu Travel Box

What is Play Shifu?

Play Shifu is an Augumented Reality Enabled Game for Kids.

The Play Shifu app works with all Android and iOS mobiles and tablets and the game is good for kids aged 2 to 10 years. No, it is not another APP, it is a learning resource for kids, and an amazing concept which has equal amounts of fun and a learning experience for the kids.

What’s inside the box?

Inside the Travel Box – Play Shifu
I posted a little unboxing video on my Instagram Page! Yes, Instagram gets the 1st look on everything I am talking about, so follow me, to get a sneak peak into the life and  times of The Reading Momster, more personal than any other account and join an amazing community of supportive Mommy-Instagrammers.

So, back to unboxing. you get what you see in the image. You get a box, with all the instructions and a QRCode on the fornt flap.

Also included in this box are- \

  1. 60 vehicle cards
  2. 1 Travel pouch
  3. an IPad/Phone Stand.

The box is sturdy and beautifully designed. And if you feel the need to throw away the box because of space constraints, you can store the stand and the cards in the Pouch provided, how thoughtful is that. this same pouch comes in handy when you are travelling, a total win win for a Mom.

How does Play Shifu work?

  •  Download the Play Shifu App from the Playstore/App Store.
  • Initualize the app, it will ask the QRCode
  • Scan the code from inside the box.
  • Setup over, switch off Wifi, you don’t need it anymore.
  • Place Ipad / phone on stand.  Place the card you want to see, and see the magic unfold.
  • How it Works – Play Shifu

Some cards have puzzles, some have activity. All cards tell –

  • What the vehicles name is
  • a little info about the vehicle.
  • how it is used
  • where it is used.

There were so many vehicles, I personally did not even know about, i shot a short video to give you a sneak peak of how it works. The video is amateurish but still will give you a fair idea. (There is music added to the video)

How can you play with Play Shifu?

Best thing about Play Shifu Travel Box was Aarya was amazed at all the vehicles he did not know about! Yes, my 7 year old had no idea what a Catamaran was. It was fun for him too.


Tiny tots will have fun seeing the vehicles, memorizing their names, and visualizing how things work. I like to follow the Montessori 3 period lesson and have been working with just 3 vehicle on a daily basis, I let her have 3 cards of her choosing. then,

  • I name the 1st card thrice.
  • I let her try and name it too.
  • then she sees whether the vehicle runs on land, water or air.
  • then she sees how it works.

we repeat this for all 3 cards. And we repeat it for as many days as is necessary, until she masters the names and other info.


We play a little I-Spy Game. For Beginners,

  • I lay out 3 to 5 cards
  • I say – ” I spy with my little eye something that travels on road”
  • I let her check if she is right, by checking the app.

For older kids, you can add ” I spy with my little eye a vehicle whose nae starts with C” .


I give her 10 cards and we sort them by Land, water or Air

There are so many more hands-on ways to extend your learning activities with your toddler and your older kids. I play similar but more advanced game with Aarya. He is a more visual learner, and the app has lots of information for him to learn and explore

Cons of Play Shifu

I really loved the concept, its flexibility and how we use screen time to our advantage. also the fact that it is not connected to internet, and there are no links where my kids would wander off. But Play Shifu has a lot of scope to better their application and app. I am sure there will be lot more extensions coming in the future which will make it even more enjoyable for this generation of kids.

You can Buy Play Shifu on Amazon via these affliate links and support my site –

BUY Play Shifu Travel Cards (60 set )

BUY Play Shifu Travel Cards ( 20 Set )

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Two Traditional folktale from Bhutan

I came across these 2 traditional folktales from Bhutan, while searching for picture books showcasing original stories from around the world. The 2 picture books that I am going to showcase here are beautiful traditional folktales from Bhutan. Both are written by Kunzang Choden and expertly illustrated by Pema Tshering!

Zubaan books published these 2 stories, for their littlest audience in 2011. Too bad, I came to know about this recently. The illustrations in both the books are such calm soft watercolor landscapes, which if you are a wanderlust like me, will want you to go right across the border to this beautiful and serene place.

Folktales from Bhutan – Room in your Heart

Room in our Hearty
Free Expression Watercolor Art made by 3 year old!

“Neypo Shong gna?”  “ Is there room for me” is the question asked by a host of visitors who  come to the old lady seeking shelter and some warm soup. But how will her little hut have space for so many people in her small little hut.


I was so touched, so inspired and so heartened by this tale. In our busy lives, where we do not even have neighbors coming over and are stuck in this concrete jungle, this was a refreshing tale of opening our hearts and our minds to new people, experiences. I completely fell in love with the sparse but adequate text, gorgeous illustration and the beautiful message.

 So, do you have Room in your heart?

Folktales from Bhutan – Aunty Mouse

Another beautiful folktale from Bhutan, again published in 2011 and written by Bhutan’s favorite author Kunzang Choden. In this story, an orphan girl topples into a mouse hole  and is then befriended by Aunty Mouse much like how Alice goes down the rabbit hole and at end gets many riches. 

But when a rich brat tries to do the same, her experience are horrifying.

 This traditional folktales from Bhutan felt more like a fairy tale kind of story which I enjoyed a lot. The message of kindness, and honest belief is realistically told!

These were my very first set of books from The Zubaan Books Publishing House, and definitely would not be the last. Looking forward to more such beautiful tales from across the world.



I loved these books so much so I am going to Giveaway both these books to 2 lucky winner! So, one of you will be winning *Room in your Heart* and some other Lucky Kid will be winning *Aunty Mouse*!

Giveaway Rules

  1. Subscribe to my blog by email. (MANDATORY)
  2. Comment – Tell me if you have enjoyed folktales from around the world, which book and from which country was it? If not, just comment and tell me which is your bubs favorite book right now. (MANDATORY)
  3. Follow me on Twitter, tweet about this giveaway! (OPTIONAL)
  4. Follow me on Instagram! Share on Instagram ( post live on my feed, just repost) (OPTIONAL)
  5. For additional points share on facebook and Tag me to the posts! ( OPTIONAL)

I hope you all love the books as much as I did!

This giveaway is NOT sponsored by Zubaan Books or WordPress. 

 I am going to be buying them and sending them to you, to support the authors!

Much love


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Brand new Site – The Reading Momster

Yes, I have done it, I self hosted. After years of procrastinating and self – doubt, I did it, YAY! And it is called The Reading Momster.

The Reading Momster
The Reading Momster

I still have my old site “Our Ordinary Life”. Because I am still importing a lot of stuff from there.


I love my blog, this is one place where I just love to hang out.And  I love to write, I love to be heard, I loveee attention. And this blog is always ready to listen. I did bring ALL posts from way back. I am even attached to those, LOL!


Why The Reading Momster?

Because I am a Mom and a Monster. And the only thing I do apArt from keeping my bubs alive is read to them. So The Reading Momster is so apt and so me, I just had to use that. Of course I  did contemplate adding Lazy, Crazy and all that, but I am going to keep short and sweet


I am still working on the LOOK though, not 100 percent there. People who know me, know I love changing up the look and feel often. Change is the only Constant, eh? So I need to work on header, and some plugins/widgets. Do share which Plugins/ Widgets have worked for you.

Right now, I am working on bring in all my subscribers and followers over which is a bit tricky, other things have taken a back-seat. So show me some comment love and tell me what do you think of The Reading Momster? The good, the bad – anything and everything, share away friends.

That’s it people, keeping my post real short this one time, I hope to see you soon with more. Here, I start my new journey, with loads of love and optimism! hope to find inspiration in our everyday madness.


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Songbird Story by Michael Rosen

Songbird Story by Michael Rosen, Illustrated by Jill Dow

  • Reading level: 4+ years
  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books; New edition edition (3 March 1998)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0711212510

Summary :

Fip and Feppa are songbirds who live in two different woods, on either side of a wide river. They are happy visiting each other until first Fip and then Feppa is trapped by a bird-catcher.


Before I say anything about the story, I would love to say something about the illustrations – Gorgeous! And that’s the reason I picked this beauty up and also because my daughter absolutely loves birds / books on birds.

Fip and Feppa live in 2 different woods separated by the wide river. They are gorgeous songbirds, who sing so beautifully that it seems the whole woods has become a song and is singing along. They hear each other singing and before long they cross the rivers to be with each other and sing together. But not far away, a bird catcher hears their song, and devises a cunning way and catches Fip. Fip is sold to a man who buys him for his daughter who is delighted to have him. Next Feppa is captured and is sold too. And they both end up living in the same neighborhood.

What follows is their story on how they eventually get together in a cage, and how being in the same cage makes them realise that they really do not like each other much. And finally they end up free and happy and together in the woods forever.

You see there is a difference in the male and female songbirds look, and I pointed it out my almost-6 year old. The woods, the cities, the landscapes everything is illustrated with gorgeous greens and every spread is exquisite. The story is simple and charming. And my son asked me why people would wants birds in a cage? and well I had no answer.

4 Stars!

Recommended to all Bird-Lovers, to all looking to read a story with substance.

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10 absolutely adorable Valentine’s Day Books and Crafts

Who is your Valentine this year? The Husband or the Kiddo? Mine has been 1 kid for the last 5 years and this year I have 2! Am I lucky or what? Valentine’s day is a beautiful time to read some great books on love and snuggle up with hot chocolate. Yes, it is true that you do not need to annotate a day to define your love for your precious child, but then what is life if you do not celebrate love! Here are some of our very favorite books on the theme love, and if you have read them already – get that scissors out and celebrate with some hearts!

1. How do I love you by P.K. Hallinan

Make a heart garland for a Valentine's Day window!

Buy from Amazon

This book was written by the author as a gift to his sons. It is about how parents love there kids even when they behave badly. Through sea of bad behaviors or good ones, I love you! – this is the sweet and simple message of the book. After reading this, won’t it be just so cute to make these Heart -garlands from Hands on as we grow.

2.  The Day it rained hearts by Felicia Bond

The Day It Rained Hearts - Cloud Kid Craft & Free Printable

Buy from Amazon

I love the girls name in this book , *Cornelia Augusta*. One day, Cornelia finds that instead of water it is pouring hearts everywhere. She catches as many as she can and makes some thoughtful gifts for her dear friends and mails it to them. Once you are done with this uber-cute book, make this utterly-butterly cute craft from Glued to Crafts

3. Love you Forever by Robert Munsch

handprint & photo heart keepsake

Buy from Amazon

This is a fantastic picture book that is a metaphor for the overwhelming love one feels for their child, no matter what age. The lines from this book are easily my favorite to whisper to Aarya at night –

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”

After you have cried a little, go ahead and make this Keepsake, then every year you could cry a little when you see it 🙂

4&5. Duck and Goose Needs a Hug by Tad Hills or Hug by Jez Alborough

Buy from Amazon ( Hug, Duck and Goose)

Goose is sad and his friends try to cheer him up with all the things they *think* he might like, but Goose really just wants a hug! I just LOVE the illustrations.

Hug has just 1 word all through and that is ‘HUG’. I love this book for its simplicity , sweetness.  Baby Chimp sees that everyone has someone of there own to hug and realizes he has no one to hug. This Hug craft from The Party Event would be an awesome gift to send to Grandparents, on this day 🙂

6. You make me Proud by Umesh Shukla

dinner conversation hearts

Buy from Amazon

This  is a really sweet book. The story involves a Papa and Kiddo leaving post-it notes for each other about what makes them proud about each other. Use this cute Conversation heart cards from No-time for Flash cards. 

7. My Heart is like a Zoo by Michael Hall

Buy from Amazon

This is such a colorful and gorgeous book with all animals made out of hearts. One of the books that’s made to be used in Crafts! Check out Storytime ABC’s post on how she re-created the animals. You could do it too, get the book, it is so adorable!

8. Guess How Much I Love you by Sam McBartney

301736Guess How Much I love you Child Made Ornament

Buy from Amazon

“I love you to the moon and back” — just the lines melt your heart. This is a must-have in your library. And make this home-made clay qrnament, how Gorgeous – right? via Emma-Owl

9. I love you, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt


Buy from Amazon

It is all about the undying love that a Mom feels no matter what how stinky the child gets in ths Valentine Special selection
(just kidding). You could make this adorable picture frame with stuff you have at home and decorate with hearts!

10. The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll

1553960Creating the biggest valentine ever

Buy from Amazon

This Valentine Day book teaches kids to work in groups and eventually together. One of the best books to use in a classroom or even with siblings. Create a Large Heart and do a Valentine Craft like Barefeet on the dashboard!

I hope you read some of these, or some other books on Love. Happy Valentine’s day to you and yours.

Affiliate Links for the Books are mentioned below titles, please do check them out!
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Indian Republic Day – Reads and Activity

India’s 67th Republic Day is here and like every year, we decided to do some activities to understand the meaning and the importance of this day in history for us. 17128255

For understanding Republic day and it’s significance we hunted out our copy of We the Children of India a preamble to our constitution by Leila Seth ( Buy on Leila Seth, the first woman judge of the Delhi High Court and the first woman Chief Justice of a state in India – is the esteemed author of this child – friendly book geared for 5 plus kids.  Read full review of the book on Saffron Tree.

Once we read and understood that 67 years ago, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar wrote the longest Constitution (which took him 2 years 11 months to complete), we decided to write our own set of rules for Aaryanjali Mansion. He also set forth, creating his own flag.

We decided next to read Ira, the Dolphin ( Tulika Books). Ira is a River Dolphin ( which is our National Aquatic Animal ) and this beautiful book gives us a glimpse of where it lives, how it survives and what dangers it faces on a daily basis. All the images used in the book are real.

We then play the National Symbol Memory Game. I just downloaded our natinal symbol images from the internet, cut them out and stuck them on thick cardstock.

Aarya knows them all but still gets confused with a couple, and this game was a great reinforcement. Anjali, played for a while then just sat there with the Tiger. She loves Tigers. While playing, we tried to remember the various facts about our Flag. The Colors in our Flag –  saffron, white and green represent courage and sacrifice, peace and truth, and faith and chivalry respectively. And that the Chakra has 24 spokes.

Our 2nd President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan once explained our flag in the below terms ( copied from Wikipedia)

Bhagwa or the saffron colour denotes renunciation or disinterestedness. Our leaders must be indifferent to material gains and dedicate themselves to their work. The white in the centre is light, the path of truth to guide our conduct. The green shows our relation to (the) soil, our relation to the plant life here, on which all other life depends. The “Ashoka Chakra” in the centre of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma. Truth or satya, dharma or virtue ought to be the controlling principle of those who work under this flag. Again, the wheel denotes motion. There is death in stagnation. There is life in movement. India should no more resist change, it must move and go forward. The wheel represents the dynamism of a peaceful change, what better read than the very popular and singular book on the

Moving on to our 3rd activity, we did a Me on the Map activity. Its basically 4 paper-plates. And I printed out :

  1. World Map ( with Asia highlighted)
  2. India Map – I asked him to color Maharashtra in this)
  3. He put a dot on Mumbai in the Maharashtra Map, I printed out.

The 1st paper which has the biggest diameter will have the world Map ( I have Asia highlighted here for Aarya to understand that we are in the Asian Continent. He identifies India on the continent ( pretty easy!!). Then we take the 2nd paper plate which is smaller than the last plate ( I cut off 1 cm from the outer edge) and glue the Indian Map. He right away tells me which one is Maharashtra ( we also point to Karnataka, where he was born and Kerala where his parents are from). He color Maharashtra. Next we take the 3rd paper plate, cut off 2 cms from the outer edge and glue the map of Maharashtra – we put a dot on Mumbai and write the spelling ( still learning). On the last paper plate, I cut off 3 cms and attach 2 small pieces of paper for him to write our locality’s name and our address. We are still learning the spellings, but he knows it verbally now.

This activity brings into our place in the world. Later he pointed out on the world map, where Mumbai was, pretty awesome – right?

For our next activity, we decided we needed to learn the names of ALL the 29 states in our country ( not focusing on Union territories this month ). And for that we created this game. PicMonkey Collage.jpg

For this game you will need :

  1. Print out of this Map from Wikipedia
  2. Print out of the Name of the states ( with corresponding numbers). Laminate it for durability
  3. Number token from 1 to 29 ( We used the number tokens from Housie game we own)

Rules :

  1. Pick out number token
  2. Identify number on the map
  3. call out the corresponding state name
  4. if it is correct, then keep the state name card, else the chance passes to the next player.
  5. whoever gets the maximum card wins!

You can take it a step forward by including the capital names. Also include the union territories. Aarya doesn’t know even 5 yet but he is learning and walks around with the map. It is fascinating to see his interests. I hope to expand and make Geography fun for him ( because i found it boring and never was good at it.)IMG_5039

For the Republic day, we hope to see the Parade on TV. Make new Rules for Aaryanjali Mansion and maybe also create a FLAG! We also intend to do some gorgeous India- themed activities, from this super – awesome post from Artsy Craftsy Mom. All in one place, and pretty much has it ALL.

50 Ideas for India Republic Day or Independence Day party

There is a republic Day Blog-hop hosted by the wonderful Artsy-Craftsy Mom, and I am part of it. Visit all the fabulous Mommies, and be inspired.

Happy Republic Day!


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