Enchantico Box – A Books Subscription Box for kids

For most part, friends who come home for the first time ask me 1 very important question ” How do you select books for your kids, and what do you look for in a book? I can tell you that it is one of the most important questions and to answer it simply –  choose wisely. The books that are well – curated, intentionally picked and carefully thought out. What if, I tell you that even though you are not able to read every book in the market and the select the best for your kids, you can have some do it for you and not only that – curate an amazing Book- Based acitivity and put it all in a box and send it to your doorstep? You would say – “it is not as easy it sounds” eh? But my dear Moms and Dads – it is! With Enchantico Box!

E N C H A N T I C O . . I am super thrilled to get our little hands on the May edition of @enchanticobox . . To tell you the truth – I had my mind set in getting it for so very long. I love 💖 their book – picks and the curated activities are amazing. . . What is Enchantico? . A book subscription box for kids with related activity. Each box has a minimum of 2 books. An activity based on the book, a souvenir or something that will make the child excited about the whole experience of reading. The Box is available for kids from Age 5 to Age 12 years. . . Did you watch my LIVE video? [ I know I am blabbering a little – pardon me – I was so excited 😬] . . A video of the kids doing the activities followed by a blog coming up real soon. . . Don’t forget to watch all my Instagram Stories compilation about @enchanticobox right in the Highlight Section. . . I can not recommend this box enough! . . #SubscriptionBoxForkids #Picturebook #childrenbooks #booksubscriptionbox #booksubscriptionboxindia #enchantico #enchanticobox

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What is Enchantico Box?

A book subscription box for kids with an added book related activity. Each box has a minimum of 2 books. An activity based on the book, a souvenir or something that will make the child excited about the whole experience of reading. The Box is available for kids from Age 5 to Age 12 years. The boxes are available to subscribe for 3months to 12 months. You can also request individual boxes and they are sent out too!

Echantico Box


What’s inside Enchantico Box – May Edition ?

We were sooooo excited to recieve the May Edition for 5- 7 year olds and it had

  1. Mangoes and Mischief by Sreedevi Gopakumar
  2. Around the world with a Chilli [Pratham Books]
  3. The Tale of Babban Hajjam [Karadi tales ]
  4. DIY Maracas – All materials for this. This activity was inspired by The Tale of Babbn Hajjam
  5. A cute Badge/ Fridge Magnet
  6. A Book Card <3
  7. 3 Author cards [ for the 3 books]
  8. 1 Activity Card

I absolutely loved that there were pictorial instructions for every step. So it was easy for my kids to see and do every step!

The Maracas that the kids made were so adorable and are played with everyday. Anjie was able to remember that she had seen Maracas in her Music class and that her teacher used it like this – and she mimmicked her teachers action – which was so good to see <3

Enchantico Box – Pricing!

The Subscription, for a 3 months subscription – it costs around 3800rs Approx – which is honestly a fair pricing for the books and the Quality Activities that are Provided. I love their Book Choices a lot and here are some other things I noticed

  • The kids found it extremely fun that the box had special things for them alone.
  • The boxes are truly age appropriate and so are the book choices.
  • It reminded me that the kds truly enjoy book related activities.
  • When we were doing the activity – we talked a lot about the book and How Maracas were used. We also talked about where we had seen them and what other musical instruments we knew
  • the books are still beloved and Babban is truly loved.

Do I recommend Enchantico Box?

Yes, wholeheartedly recommend this box – and truth be told I just ordered my first box! I hope I can soon show you the box I chose because I loved it so. Also with the number of books being published not only Indian but foriegn – it is so good that someone does the work and chooses good – worthwhile books for you! I am so glad I got this opportunity to review – use and have fun with Enchantico Box.


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#SurpriseaSenior this Mother’s Day -Top 6 Gifting Ideas for Senior citizens from Seniority.in

I am Thankful for my family! The Seniors in our life bring their experience and happiness to us each and every day. I cannot imagine our lives without their blessings, and I sometimes do not really think about what they might need. I am glad that now I have nothing to worry – so this Mother’s day – #SurpriseaSenior with Seniority.in!

About Seniority.in –

Seniority.com is India’s first retail chain for Senior Citizens! Seniority is India’s first retail destination for seniors, catering to their every need. Seniority can be accessed at www.seniority.in. The company services 19,000 pin codes across India and has multiple payment options available – cash on delivery, card payment, net banking etc. The site is neat and very easy to use, and the payment is hassle – free. They have gifts, aids, medicines everything your Seniors might need all in one place

#SurpiseaSenior with Seniority.IN this Mother’s Day-

Choose from a Range of amazing GIFTS for your Mom this Mother’s Day. Here are some of our favorites for the Mom’s in our lives!

[READ Motherhood : It’s never a Pretty Picture]

1. Stitching Kits for the Stitching Loving Moms-

The variety of kits available are amazing! And there is a Special Combo that I absolutely LOVE, and can give it as a gift to my Aunt [ who I love just like my Mom ]

Buy it

2. Combo for the Kitchen Queen

Some Moms [like mine] are wonder cooks. ” Ghar ka khanna ” is like nostalgia giving you hunger pangs. This Mother’s Day, I love the amazing combos avaiable which will make her experience in the kitchen easy and stress – free! This Mother’s Day combo has

  • Handy Blender
  • Portable Juice Can
  • Clever Cutter

3. Bed Comfort Wedge

It was love at first sight when I saw this Bed comfort wedge and I instantly knew I needed this for her.

[From seniority.in]

Bed Comfort Wedge by Pedder Johnson is useful for positioning patients with esophageal reflux, elevates and supports head, neck, back and shoulders to help relieve respiratory discomfort and easy breathing. In an upright position the cushion provides proper sitting support for patients requiring head, back elevation. Can also be used for leg and foot elevation. It eliminates the need to stack pillows which constantly shift. Provides comfort fom leg, ankle and foot discomfort.

Benefits of use:

  • Can be used as a support for the head, neck and back
  • Can be used for ankle, leg and foot discomforts
  • Can be used as a pillow

4. Relaxing Home Foot Spa


Who doesn’t like a little pampering? And these Foot Spas available on Seniority, are a perfect gift and I am sure My mom will love this! Foot spas are not just relaxing for Mom’s tired feet, but also keeps them from developing cracks and keeps the unpleasant order problem at bay! And I can use it too [ bonus !!]

5. Massagers

seniority.inI was surprised to find the range of Massagers available on Seniority.in! My Mom will be spoilt for choices! I absolutely love that she can choose what she wants and has a number of massagers to choose from! My top favorite are these three I spotted –

  1. Relax Body Massager
  2. Relax and tone Massager
  3. Platinum Massager

6. ReFreezable Ortho Support Therapy

I know My Parents suffer from unwarranted pains here and there. And after consulting with a Physiotherapist friend, who suggested Ice packs instead of heat pads – I love these Refreezable Ortho Support Packs packs available on Seniority that can be refreezed and reused again and again!

These are just a few of my favourites from Seniority.in. There are over 3000 products to choose from and not only is it easy to shop, but I am amazed at the extensive product catalogue @seniority_india have. .I love the fact that I can have my parents choose whatever they want and order it for them. Their delivery is also super fast and very convenient. My Parents truly appreciated the gifts they got and more so the thought and love behind It all.

I have a beautiful family, and yes I am thankful every single day. The Seniors in our life bring their experience and happiness to us each and every day. . . Even if they don’t say it there are a number of things that they need and sometimes I do find it very difficult to find everything under one roof. To finding Aides to gifts – I found my new Favorite site for everything for the Grandparents, uncles and other family members. It is called SENIORITY.in. @seniority_india . . Not only is it easy to shop, but I am amazed at the extensive product catalogue @seniority_india have. . . I love the fact that I can have my parents choose whatever they want and order it for them. Their delivery is also super fast and very convenient. . . . My Parents truly appreciated the gifts they got and more so the thought and thenlive behind it all. . . . EXCLUSIVE -Use COUPON CODE [VEENA10] and avail 10 % off on your purchase of anything for the amazing People I your life !! . . . #Grandparentslove #grandparents #giftingsolution #Website #Seniority #GiftingSeniors

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EXCLUSIVE -Use COUPON CODE [VEENA10] and avail 10 % off on your purchase of anything for the amazing Mom in your life  - this Mother's Day !!

Book Love: For the love of a cat by Rosalind Wilson, Art by Wen Hsu

For the Love of a cat by Rosalind Wilson, with Art by Wen Hsu is published by Katha Books, Here is a Blurb [ Katha.Org ] –

A young man cycles into a town to find himself in the company of a lively little boy. He tells him fascinating stories of going far and wide on a bicycle. Enchanted, the little boy dreams of cycling away into distant lands… Can his dreams come true? Get away by this gentle story and discover how an act of kindness can change someone’s life.

A young struggling Painter loved his art and his cat! He would find work, and spend the money on his art supplies and food. When Winter comes, he tries hard to find work and fails miserably. The last morsel of food he buys, is so small he decides to give it to his cat.

But it is as if good luck shines on him, as a group of priest commission him to make a beautiful painting of their God Lord Buddha with all the animals in the Jungle, they placed just one condition in front of him. What’s the condition and what happens then after, you will have to read it to know!


for the love of a cat by Rosalind WilsonWhat strikes you as this book unfolds is the bold usage of colors and beautiful illustrations. The Illustrations comprised of paper cut patterns and figures on beautiful watercolor backgrounds! The story in itself is beautifully told, and keeps you turning the pages till the very end.

I wish we could have more books by Rosalind, who died young. I wish we could see more of the illustrations by Wen Hsu, because she has really captured the essence of the story with her master strokes which is a great companion to the subtle, heart-felt story! One of the lesser known titles, this is one of the gems we hold very close to our hearts!

The fact that it portrays cat [ yes we have one] and a guy who is loving towards his only companion – my son sees himself portrayed in this story and it is in some way gives him a sense of happiness! Buy it on Katha Books

Have you read this book or any other Katha titles you recommend?

Bye Bye Mom

This post "Bye Bye Mom" is Part of the #AtoZBlogchatter April 2018 challenge! Read all my posts for the challenge here!

There are few times when you have to be a mom! Your natural instinct is one that you use almost daily. But I have felt really awesome when I take the Mom Hat and keep it aside for awhile and be a kid with the kids. The days become more fun, when I act like a kid with my kids.

So for Letter ‘ B ‘ for the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge, I am telling you to set the Mom Cap aside for awhile and get on your feet and play with the kids.

Is it not tiring to always be the  Adult around? To be cooking, cleaning and being a mom that you forget to have any fun at all. I remember for the most part of the day you can’t seem to get out and mingle with adults – because having kids and taking care of them is exhausting right?

So what if, you get down on your knees and take a go at the crawl race instead? Or have you tried the Back Swim on the Floor race [ a favorite of the monkeys and their father ]

Here are some of our favorite games –

  • Back Swim Race on the floor
  • Burst the Balloons using your Bum, NO HANDS allowed [ this is HILARIOUS]
  • Crawl Race
  • Pillow fight
  • Put the Sofa cushions and other random stuff to make a hurdle race!

These are some of our favorites, and now these are not for the kids alone, its for you and your spouse to get down and have fun! So what are your favorite games / silly games to play with the kids?

Book Love : A Book is a Bee by Lavanya Karthik and Illustrated by Ruchi Shah

A Book is a Bee by Lavanya KarthikA Book is a Bee by Lavanya Karthik is a whimsical ode to books and what they mean to little children. Each verse in the book reminds you how reading books is this magical experience,


A book is a bee buzzing in your head with things to say.

A book is a tree with branches to climb to see the world around.

There are many such beautiful lines.

Is it not true that books take the kids and us into lands that are far off and they inspire ideas that weren’t there before. Books are such great companions and such great friends.

Watch the book trailer here

Illustrations by Ruchi Shah, beautifully adds to the text, a quiet beauty and makes it a visual masterpiece.

Can I just take a minute to talk about the Cover! Is it not eye- catchy and amazing. I totally love the look and feel of this book and is recommended for kids of all ages who love books.

Buy it on Amazon.in

How to Host a Simple Birthday Party for the Easily Anxious Child

Last year on my son’s 7th Birthday, my daughter spent the entire evening crying her eyes out at every new face she saw. Everyone who said hello to her was her villain, and everyone who touched her was an alien. So she spent the entire time huddled with my cousin in a room watching Youtube. Yes, I was shattered, the fact that I had hosted an amazing party only to have my 2nd kid not enjoy it at all was really painful!

That day [ or maybe the next day, after being exhausted from the after effects of this party ] I decided I will not throw a big bash on her birthday and have her mop around because she was not comfortable around strangers, esp. men. And thus, come February, I decided to throw a simple, intimate and amazing Party with people she cherished including her best friends and their moms whom she met daily.

Here are some tips that I learnt on the way, and incorporated in this party –

  1. Ask the kid, whom she wants to invite for her birthday

Well, sure there are many mommy friends and kids who would totally rock this party, but does your kid want them to be there? She might not be comfortable around them, and thus it is prudent to just ask her who she wants to spend her special day with. If she selects two, those are the two people you must invite.

  1. Make sure you repeat the names of the people who are going to be there including the moms

Preparation by way of Communication is very important. Keep reiterating before the big day, how excited you are that her friends are going to be here. And that Mama will have some fun too, with their Mamas. Try to keep the attendees to the number that she wants and don’t add any last minute people, until they are family she knows.

  1. Decide the theme based on her interests.

For Anjali’s Birthday party, the theme was simple “ Anjali’s Love”. So everything she loved made the theme and  the décor of her Party. Art, Frozen, sand play were some of the things she loved the most this past year and those made the Party Scenes.

  1. Incorporate a Play Area

Since Aarya’s Birthday disaster, we have been to number of birthday Parties and the ones sheenjoyed the most had dedicated play areas for little kids. She always aimed for these spaces and had a gala time, unaware of all the strangers flocking the party scene . While I was looking for ways to set up such play areas for her birthday, I came across Mumbai based company called Chandamama World which provides kids play zones and toys on rent for parties or playdates.

They have an amazing collection of toys and some great gear to choose from. They also have some fun Packages, which are great for Parties with varied ages of kids! A bouncy castle, some cars and a slide and maybe a trampoline – are going on my list of things I am going to choose from for Aarya’s Birthday Party <3

Look at all the pictures, and the happy/ busy kids! It would a respite for parents of kids like mine who have a hard time mingling with other kids. Also the colorful decor, and that there are stuff for multiple ages, is something that appealed to me the most! This would be a great addition to any Birthday Party Scence!

  1. Prepare for the worst.

    Prepare yourself for the meltdowns, power struggles and whatever that might happen. We just had one melt down, but being prepared helped me get through it without losing it.

  2. Have Games / Activities you have done before

    Watch the apinting activity in action – https://youtu.be/cn7nuuZxcdg

    We first had a small Art Table set up. I made Easel pads with chart paperstuck on A4 size Cardboard. I laid out markers, crayons, paints, crepe paper cuts, stickers, glue, glitter. And the kids were left to their devices to do whatever they wanted! Next we had Sand play, with treasures to find. With the help of sand tools all kids had fun! In the end, we played Alphabet bingo! Which was not a big hit 🙂 But these activities kept them excited and they had lot of fun <3


Do you have a child who gets easily anxious in huge and small crowds? How do you manage them in big events? Do share!

The Awesome Mindset

This post "The Awesome Mindset" is Part of the #AtoZBlogchatter April 2018 challenge! Read all my posts for the challenge

Has anyone, in the middle of the night got a brilliant idea, and all they want to do is write about it?

I was participating in Blogchatters A to Z challenge and right in the middle of the challenge I feel the need to change my theme  [ luckily I wrote only 2] to “ How to constructively and intentionally spend time with your kids”.

Being a stay at home mom, I keep telling myself that I spend a lot of time with my kids, so it is only fair that I get my time on Social Media, blog, Amazon Prime, or whatever is swinging my Fancy. The reason is solid, but the reasoning is not. Why, you ask? Well, in the 18 x 7 hours [ taking out 6 hours for sleep – its ok if you are sleep deprived, you can alter the math ], you spend with your child as a Stay- at – home mom – how much time do you actually spend observing him, or playing with him, or doing intentional activities with him? I keep visualizing my day, and I keep getting lines of buzz like “ Shh! Aarya – let me just finish commenting here!”; or “ Shhhh! Anjie is the time to throw a tantrum – like right now? I really need to finish watching this episode of “ how to get more blog followers” or “ I need to cooking “ – or “ I need to get laundry folded” and yada yada yada!


In all of this, did you sit down and watch / talk/ did something meaningful with your child today? I hope you say yes, but unfortunately from handling tantrum, to washing loads to caring for kids all the time and add sleep – deprived to the mix; it is very difficult to actually sit down and breathe!

awesome mindset

I want to encourage you to leave that laundry for an hour – and focus your energy on your piece of awesomeness because he deserves it! And I am going to tell you about my “ Awesome Mindset”! It is simply the feeling of being Awesome, Super, Amazing [ yep, even if your house looks like a mess, and you have no healthy food options or change of clothes ] – just think AWESOME. Close your eyes and chant “ I am Awesome”! With this mindset, plop your bubba down and do some meaningful activities or read or do something that keeps him happy and fills his bucket with love. Put that phone away, and have fun. Put on the music and dance. Don’t just watch him dance, dance with him. Let your complete focus be on him. Take out those swords, and have a Star wars Style fight – or go out and jump in puddles – together!

There are many free and easy activities you can do, but do not forget the Awesome Mindset!



Dear Hair, I miss you!


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I never really had thick hair, but I had a reasonable chunk of gorgeous shiny hair, which needed no maintenance at all. A nice shampoo here, and a little conditioner there  and boom, I had the hair that swish smashed in the wind. Those were the days of glory for my hair.

Pregnancy bliss or near miss?

When I was Pregnant, I had amazing hair growth. It was beautiful, long and quite thick. Unknown to me the hormones in my body during my pregnancy were giving me beautiful lustrous and thick hair. But the week I delivered, I started losing that hair. It was like a huge catastrophe ! All that gorgeous hair, the life in them, everything gone after my bundle of joy was born.

At first I had no time, energy or inclination to worry about it, until it became unmanageable. Tangles, pain and thin hair were what I lived with. Also all I could manage were Mom-Buns at that time, because seriously I couldn’t even style them anyway I wanted!


In we went on the Chop – Chop Train

What is the next logical step for a mom, with no time on hand, heavy hair fall and the need to look a little sane? Yep – go Chop them off.  I got a cute short hairstyle done, which was good the first week but then again because of my thinning hair started looking bad again.


The  thin hair hacks that really work

  • Good hair routine. When you are a new mom, the demanding schedule of your baby leaves with no time. But as things start settling down, a good hair care routine is bliss.
  • Get a cut – Short hair are really good! Getting a good trim on your hair is a really good for your hair!
  • Roll them – really Rollers create a nice wavy hair look, which brings in volume
  • Get a wig – There are so many good Wigs available today made of real hair.
  • Braid your Hair – If you have the bad hair blues, then braids may be for you because they are a great protective hairstyle.  Because braids are are fairly low maintenance, they’re a great everyday hairstyle or for going on that Mexico or Caribbean vacation.  There are so many braid styles that you can create, it’s always possible to have that exclusive braid style that keeps heads turning.  In addition, adding your favorite pink, purple or blonde color to distinguish your braids is easy to do.  If you want to wear unique African braid style, a special braided up-do, criss-crossed cornrows or maybe a braid bun, then Kanekalon Jumbo Braids or X-Pression Ultra Braids may be the braiding hair choice for you.    At Divatress, you’ll find all these aforementioned braids in our amazing selection of braids for black women that you’re sure to love. Our selection of braiding hair can be customized to create truly unique look that sets you apart from the crowd.  No matter your taste, you’ll find the braids that match your personal style or personality. We offer amazing braiding hair from brands like Vivica A. Fox, FreeTress, Outre X-Pression, Janet Collection and more.  Shop Divatress braiding hair collection today!
    • Crochet Braids  – If you’re not a braider and don’t know a good braider, then crochet braids is the way to go.  Crochet braids has made getting braid hairstyles easier than ever.  There’s an abundance of choices in crochet hair styles today, from Wavy Faux Locs hair  and Goddess Locs hair to Water Waves hair to all different kinds of Box Braids.  If installed properly, no one would ever know you’re wearing crochet braids.  Click on the following link to check out our page dedicated to Crochet Braids.
    • Loop Braids – Many of the crochet braids now come with pre-looped holes which make crochet braids that much easier to install.  More and more styles are now coming out with this feature so there’s no shortage in style choices.  This nice little invention can save you time and sweat!  You can find crochet loop braids by most of the major brands such as FreeTress, Outre X-pression, Bobbi Boss and more.

No, my hair look nothing like what it used to but they are better from when we started out! Do share your Hair voes too 🙂

Kids Need Care – Milky Soft Face Cream by Mamaearth

milky soft face cream by mamaearth


Babies and kids have delicate skins. And most creams these days are full of parabens and harsh chemicals which aren’t fit for the kids and moms health. It is thus important to find natural products for our kids, to keep their skin safe and their health good.

Milky Soft Face Creamby Mamaearth is enriched with the goodness of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Murumuru Butter, Almond Oil, Milk Protein, Sesame Oil, Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil.These moisturize baby’s delicate skin and protect it from dryness by forming a skin barrier. Milk protein in the cream not only locks in the moisture but also soothes baby’s delicate skin. Shea and cocoa butter improve skin texture by providing relief from eczema, chapped, dry and itchy skin.

Milky Soft Cream from Mamaearth is dermatologically tested, pH balanced and contain no harmful chemicals like SLS, paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, PEGs, phthalates, or artificial fragrances.The goodness of natural ingredients keeps the skin moisturized for longer periods because we know that the baby’s skin loses moisture rapidly in the first few months.

Did you know?

Highly moisturising, murumuru butter has a film-forming structure that’s naturally glossy. These properties mean that it’ll lock in moisture and help keep skin and hair protected. Murumuru butter is the white to yellowish fat obtained from the seeds of the murumuru palm tree.

I use this cream on the face for both my kids, and I truly enjoy the smell of all the essential oils in this cream, I apply it with a worry free heart because Mamaearth is certified and is toxin free, 100 percent! The cream not only makes my kids skin soft and supple, it also gives it a natural glow. [please don’t confuse glow with brightness or fairness of the skin ]. The glow os a healthy skin is a sight to behold!

We love Mamaearth in our houshold, want to read more reviews, Anti – Hairfall Kit review – Mamaearth; Bye Bye Blemishes by Mamaearth!

Buy Milky Soft face cream on Mamaearth or Amazon