10 absolutely adorable Valentine’s Day Books and Crafts

10 absolutely adorable Valentine’s Day Books and Crafts

February 4, 2016 3 By admin

Who is your Valentine this year? The Husband or the Kiddo? Mine has been 1 kid for the last 5 years and this year I have 2! Am I lucky or what? Valentine’s day is a beautiful time to read some great books on love and snuggle up with hot chocolate. Yes, it is true that you do not need to annotate a day to define your love for your precious child, but then what is life if you do not celebrate love! Here are some of our very favorite books on the theme love, and if you have read them already – get that scissors out and celebrate with some hearts!

1. How do I love you by P.K. Hallinan

Make a heart garland for a Valentine's Day window!

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This book was written by the author as a gift to his sons. It is about how parents love there kids even when they behave badly. Through sea of bad behaviors or good ones, I love you! – this is the sweet and simple message of the book. After reading this, won’t it be just so cute to make these Heart -garlands from Hands on as we grow.

2.  The Day it rained hearts by Felicia Bond

The Day It Rained Hearts - Cloud Kid Craft & Free Printable

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I love the girls name in this book , *Cornelia Augusta*. One day, Cornelia finds that instead of water it is pouring hearts everywhere. She catches as many as she can and makes some thoughtful gifts for her dear friends and mails it to them. Once you are done with this uber-cute book, make this utterly-butterly cute craft from Glued to Crafts

3. Love you Forever by Robert Munsch

handprint & photo heart keepsake

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This is a fantastic picture book that is a metaphor for the overwhelming love one feels for their child, no matter what age. The lines from this book are easily my favorite to whisper to Aarya at night –

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”

After you have cried a little, go ahead and make this Keepsake, then every year you could cry a little when you see it 🙂

4&5. Duck and Goose Needs a Hug by Tad Hills or Hug by Jez Alborough

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Goose is sad and his friends try to cheer him up with all the things they *think* he might like, but Goose really just wants a hug! I just LOVE the illustrations.

Hug has just 1 word all through and that is ‘HUG’. I love this book for its simplicity , sweetness.  Baby Chimp sees that everyone has someone of there own to hug and realizes he has no one to hug. This Hug craft from The Party Event would be an awesome gift to send to Grandparents, on this day 🙂

6. You make me Proud by Umesh Shukla

dinner conversation hearts

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This  is a really sweet book. The story involves a Papa and Kiddo leaving post-it notes for each other about what makes them proud about each other. Use this cute Conversation heart cards from No-time for Flash cards. 

7. My Heart is like a Zoo by Michael Hall

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This is such a colorful and gorgeous book with all animals made out of hearts. One of the books that’s made to be used in Crafts! Check out Storytime ABC’s post on how she re-created the animals. You could do it too, get the book, it is so adorable!

8. Guess How Much I Love you by Sam McBartney

301736Guess How Much I love you Child Made Ornament

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“I love you to the moon and back” — just the lines melt your heart. This is a must-have in your library. And make this home-made clay qrnament, how Gorgeous – right? via Emma-Owl

9. I love you, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt


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It is all about the undying love that a Mom feels no matter what how stinky the child gets in ths Valentine Special selection
(just kidding). You could make this adorable picture frame with stuff you have at home and decorate with hearts!

10. The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll

1553960Creating the biggest valentine ever

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This Valentine Day book teaches kids to work in groups and eventually together. One of the best books to use in a classroom or even with siblings. Create a Large Heart and do a Valentine Craft like Barefeet on the dashboard!

I hope you read some of these, or some other books on Love. Happy Valentine’s day to you and yours.

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