11th Shot of Shock: A Ghost Story by Mark Twain

I read A Ghost Story by Mark Twain as part of the 31 Shots of Shock.Every day of the month of October, I will be posting review of one horror short Story! This challenge is hosted by Rob @RobAroundBooks. You can join any day you want.

A man goes to spend a night in an old mansion which is rumored to be haunted, opposite to the museum. But what he does not expect is that the mansion is really haunted.

This started out giving me little shivers, it was so good horror-wise. But Twain undoubtedly while writing this story was not in a mood to really scare someone but was set out make you laugh, and that’s what happened. If you are looking for something that’s scary and has a touch of humour in it, ths is the story for you. I don’t know why, but I enjoyed it.

Rob @ RobAroundBooks review.

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  1. I don’t want to laugh when I want to be scared! haha… Veens, you are coming up with so many great stories I’ve never heard of! Keep ’em coming. I need to add more to my list.

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