Ivan’s Great Fall by Vanita Oelschlager

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Ivan’s Great Fall: Poetry for Summer and Autumn from Great Poets and Writers of the Past
By Vanita Oelschlager (Author), Kristin Blackwood (Illustrator)
Publication Date: October 1, 2009
Age Level: 5 and up

Ivan’s Great Fall is the story of a young boy reluctant to say goodbye to summer. Everything about summer makes him happy. “I love to rise in the summer morn / when the birds sing on every tree.” Summer is endless days of play and nights full of stars. As summer turns to fall, he discovers autumn has a charm of its own. “I do like pumpkins / all carved to scare, / and Halloween, / and leaves in big piles / everywhere.” Fall is friends and school, trees full of brilliant colors and a chill in the air.
Ivan’s Great Fall introduces children to the poetry of Keats, Dickinson, Sandburg, Bronte and others. Excerpts from their writings, as seen through Ivan’s eyes, will open up poetry as a way for children to express their own feelings about the changing of seasons. This book includes longer excerpts and brief bios of each author.


Here is an escerpt from a review I read about this book –

Ivan’s Great Fall, is a creative children’s poetry book about a young boy struggling to let go of a warm and carefree summer so he can embrace the leafy fall. Its pages serve a dual function; they introduce children to the poetry greats like Dickinson, Keats, Bronte and Sandburg, and they help children accept the changing of the seasons and the inevitable passage of time.

I agree totally and I couldn’t have said it better. This book is beautiful…illustrations are gorgeous breath-taking and just so lovable that you want to just keep going back to see them again and again. I have a number of books on my PC, for the times when Aarya wants sit with me and see what I am doing. This was the most recent download, thanks to NetGalley. Aarya just loved it. He wanted to see it again and again. Even though this book is geared for older kids, I think toddlers would love it too.

Aarya loves any books with boys in them. He likes to tell me that boy in that book is Aarya  and that dog (yes you guessed it right!) Vava. This is one book I just want to own in print. I am sure when Aarya is older and starts reading, he would love the poem as well. I just hope this book is released in print here as well.

Highly Recommended. Would make a lovely gift for the kids in your family.

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