Drinkwater by Eric Hopkins

I won Drinkwater by Eric Hopkins at MiniBookExpo. Actually I asked for 2 books, and I got one ๐Ÿ™‚ which is pretty awesome ;)!
So from the back cover

Drinkwater was originally an English word given to someone who abstains from drinking alcohol. As a family name it represents sobriety, dignity and self-control. Nineteen-year-old Amber Drinkwater knows that when life presents hardships, a responsible person meets them fairly, with a clear head and the willingness to work. Her plans to start a new life in Toronto with her brother Guy are interrupted when their uncle fails to meet them at the train station, but she resolves to abide until he turns up, and when it seems their caretaker is gone for good, she accepts it as an unexpected but timely call to independence and adult responsibility. The sprawling city of Toronto represents a shining opportunity for Amber to prove herself through an old code of grim endurance and bold resignation, but she will find her simple work ethic is no match for its modern towers, dark streets and disjointed neighborhoods.

Amber is 19 year old and her brother Guy [yep that’s the name] come to Toronto after a misfortune to study and live with their uncle Ian. But Uncle Ian doesn’t come to pick them up at the station and neither does he pick up the calls that Amber incessantly makes. After a detour to his place, that Amber has visited just once previously, they find out that he is left his apartment and abandoned them for good. Amber has always wanted independence and the responsibilities of being a young adult, and having Guy there with her was just a coincidence.
Let me first tell you, that not being from the culture, I didnโ€™t understand a lot of terms, but it was not that bad that I didnโ€™t understand anything at all. Amber wants to be responsible and get both their lives sorted out, but her main problem is, she canโ€™t and would not ask for help. She is one of those typical 19 year old’s, who want the freedom, the fun of making your own choices; just that all the choices go wrong, very wrong. The novel successfully depicts the confusion of a 19 yr old girl, who is left alone with a brother in an unknown city with limited cash flow. One other thing, was the language and the depiction of the surroundings and the work-culture, when you First join; that was good too.
Amber talks about architecture. That is interesting as I have never viewed any building with this kind of passion. Apparently she comes to Toronto to learn Architecture.

I felt really- really bad for Guy. In his sisterโ€™s pursuit of setting things right, Guy is totally neglected. Initially he believes his big sister would make things right, which fails and it gets frustrating for him.
Now all he gets is a “Shut Up” on any logical question he asks Amber. I feel really sad for him. Being younger sibling doesn’t mean you should not be heard.
The ending is sad and is an open one.

I totally couldn’t understand Amber’s attitude. The first thing she should have done was to call up Janelle [the social worker]. Sometimes, you just want to shake her up and tell her to go freaking call the social-worker, and when she does the last time, it is all gone so wrong.
It is an YA fiction novel. I give it 3 on 5 Stars.

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  1. Nicole said…
    I knew a girl in school with the last name Drinkwater. What an interesting meaning. I never thought of it besides its simplest and obvious meaning.

    1 December 2008 04:57

    Joanne said…
    Great review Veens, Drinkwater sounds interesting.

    I have an uncle named Guy, but it is pronounced Gee (rhymes with key) It’s a pretty common name in the French-Canadian community.

    4 December 2008 09:35

    Ramya said…
    hmm… not sure if i’d be interested in reading this one.. the cover doesnt appeal to me as well.. but the fun thing about this is that you get to experiment with books you would never have read otherwise..:)

    6 December 2008 02:17

    Veens said…
    Nicole, neither did I know or think there could be a different meaning.
    Thanks Girl

    6 December 2008 07:29

    Veens said…
    Joanne, Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    Guy is pronounced as Gee? Wow! I never knew it was a common name. ! That’s interesting, thanks for sharing!

    6 December 2008 07:30

    Veens said…
    Ramya, ohh the cover was not good at all. And yes most definitely this is nothing you wil take off the rack if u were me..
    but this is a good thing.. there is a lot different world out there.. it is interesting to know about it!

    6 December 2008 07:32

    Anna said…
    I agree that the cover isn’t very flattering. Sounds like an interesting read, though.

    Diary of an Eccentric

    8 December 2008 23:17

    Veens said…
    Anna, it is an interesting read. Not engrossing but interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

    9 December 2008 07:28

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