When I was a Soldier by Valeri Zennati

July 3, 2009 0 By admin

When I was a Soldier
By Valerie Zenatti
235 Pages
Published in 2005

When I was a Soldier is the story of a teenage girl named Valerie who has this perfect life of a teenager with 2 best friends whom she hangs out with all the time. After her bac exam, Valerie like everyone just turning 18, gets ready to start the 2 years of compulsory military service. This memoir is an account of her experience in the military service.
It is nothing like you could imagine happening in your own country. In Israel, boy or girl turning 18 after there high school exams have to spend there 2 years in military service. Valerie’s voices the teenage views of many down there, and takes us through an ocean of different issues she and her like face during this period.
It gives you a peep into the Palestinian and Israeli conflicts that are still on and how the teenagers look at it. At the effect the wars have had on people! It is small book which necessarily does not give you a deep insight into the issues, but one girl’s perspective of the country which was not hers, but where she belongs now.

My first OT-09 book! 4 stars 🙂