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July 30, 2009 0 By admin

I remember reading Victoria Holt a lot, during my school days, and easily forgot about her. Until recently while updating my list of read books, that I remembered about the books i hardly remembered about, and began a search of an author I hardly knew and remembered the name. What remained as a memory were few vague titles and and the frustration over nothing coming out of the Google search engine.

Finally I found all about it…!!!! 🙂

Victoria Holt… aka … Eleanor Hibbert or should I say it the other way round.. anyways. Eleanor Hibbert was an author who wrote many genres and that too under different Pen names. A new name for new Genres and also kept shifting them though decades. I found this really fascinating about her, and I would also agree that her work too fascinated me strongly.

Name: Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert
Born: 1 September 1906
Died: 18 January 1993

Pen Names/ Pseudonyms: Eleanor Burford — Contemporary Novels
Jean Plaidy — Historical Novels
Elbur Ford — 1950-53
Kathleen Kellow — 1952-60
Ellalice Tate — 1956-61
Anna Percival — 1960’s
Victoria Holt — 1960’s
Phillipa Carr — 1972

Genres: Historical, Gothic & Romance

I love her Romantic Fiction and would recommend – The Black Opal and Seven for a secret, uner the name Victoria Holt. I have read her under this pseudonym a lot.

To Know more about her and her works, Click Me…


Intersting Fact: ** Joanne Murray ** – The Famous J. K. Rowling of the Harry Potter Series, uses the Pseudonym J. K. Rowling. “K” was never a part of her name.