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Japanese Literature Challenge 3

This is another challenge that I am going to join, Thank You Sandra🙂
Hosted by Bellezza at Dolce Bellezza.
July 30, 2009 – January 30, 2010.

Read at least one work of Japanese origin.

And here is the button, ain’t it CUTE 🙂A little about the button [ copied from Dolce Bellezza site! ]

“The button comes from a work of art painted by Yoshitomo Naro in 1996. It’s entitled “Do Not Disturb!” and I loved its childlike simplicity.
The dog in Yoshitomo Nara’s “Do Not Disturb!” is a beguiling bookworm who has found a quiet spot to do some reading. An influential Japanese Pop artist who gained a cultish following in the 1990s, Nara is known for painting cartoonishly aggressive children influenced by Japanese comic books and American cartoons. His images, which express children’s alienation and intense independence, are featured on CD cases, ashtrays, clocks and T-shirts.”

My picks [ will be updated with links to my review and other books later] –

Have you tried Japanese Lit? No? Then come on, join the challenge and explore a whole new world of beautiful writing.

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  1. what a lovely web site…. and I had forgotten about REMAINS OF THE DAY. It's already on my shelf, too, if I join the Dolce's challenge…(challenge commitment issues!!!)glad I stopped by…cheers!

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