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My Book Saga Challenge…!!!

I am Taking up a Book-Series Challenge. I have summed up a list of Book Series, depending Upon their popularity, Reviews and Suggestions.

The highlighting factor is, I have completed most of the books in these Series and I have made it up. Its open for anyone, who wants to take it up.

Harry Potter SeriesBy J.K. Rowling

7 / 7 Books. 100% done!

Twilight Saga – By Stephenie Meyer (will update once 5th book comes)

2 / 4 Books. 50% done!

Lord of The Rings – By J. R. R. Tolkein

.5 / 3 Books. 17% done!

The Chronicles of Narnia – By C. S. Lewis

7 / 7 Books. 100% done!

The Bourne Series – By Robert Ludlum (Will update if a new comes up)

1 / 8 Books. 13% done!

Replica – By Marilyn Kaye

7 / 24 Books. 29% done!

  • Anyone can take up this challenge
  • Suggestions of Book Series are welcome
  • Please Leave acknowledgments in the comments section.
  • The Challenge Finishes… 11 Jul’09
  • Have Fun…!!! :))

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  1. Hi, I follow you through Google Reader and see that you are reading a ton of series… you could join my 3-4-5 Challenge if you want (read 3 books from 1 series, 4 from another, 5 from another) :)

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