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Cover Attraction : Veil of Roses!

I saw this cover first on S. Krishna’s blog! She has a review of this on her lovely blog.

I also found this cover of the same book interesting ~~

What do you think?!
What covers are you attracted to this week?!

Thank You Marcia for hosting Wednesday Cover Attractions!

0 thoughts on “Cover Attraction : Veil of Roses!

  1. Lovely covers, as usual. Will you be reading these as well?I'm curious to know what bookstores you have in India–do you have Barnes & Noble or Borders? Or smaller, independent book shops or kiosks?

  2. Suko – We have Landmark, Odyessey – those are the ones i went to..! Nope we dnt have Borders and B&N here :)ohh Yes, we have other smaller independent one's as well.. like near my place i have a sapna book store :)then we have roadside book-wallahs.. who have pirated copied of some books.. they cme very cheap! :Dbut the print is horrible :)And no i won't be reading this book coz i dnt have it 🙂 🙂

  3. Hey Veens, If you have a Landmark, there is a sale going on. I guess they are on more or less at the same time all over India. You could call them and ask and get some awesome Bargain books like I did 🙂

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