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I read about so MANY books on your blogs… that it is hard to keep a tab on what I really really want.
So on Tuesdays, you will get to know if I liked any book I read about.. liked ti so much that it tempted me to buy it!
This is for my own reference, so that I can remember, where I heard about the book πŸ™‚

I just kind of thought of this post today after reading Jill’s review of Making it Up by Penelope Lively! I love the book covers of this book! wow!

Excerpt from Jill’s review

Before last month, I had never heard of Penelope Lively. Then I read Melanie’s review of Making It Up and was intrigued. And then I read Making It Up and was impressed.  So thanks to Melanie for her excellent review and inspiring me to check out a new author.

When I read Jill’s review, I really wanted to read this book. I love this cover of it best :).
About the book –  
Making It Up, Booker Prize-winning author Penelope Lively’s cleverly termed “anti-memoir,” is an enthralling examination of how both fate and free will can dramatically alter the lives of each and every one of us. Each of Lively’s expertly crafted stories reveals the life she could have lived, had she, or another, chosen a different path. Yet in answering a series of “what if” questions, Lively does more than indulge her imagination; rather, she challenges her readers to examine the consequences of both the significant, and the seemingly trivial decisions we make every day.
Each of the stories in Making It Up deals with a different stage of Lively’s life, and examines fictional alternatives to the roads she and others traveled. The Mozambique Channel charts the course of Shirley, a British nanny who accompanies her employer’s family to Capetown following the German invasion of Egypt in 1942. In reality, Lively’s family emigrated to Palestine; in this alternative universe, the family encounters tragedy on the open seas. The Battle of the Imjin River sends Lively’s husband off to fight in the Korean War, thus changing his fate and in turn her destiny. Most compelling of all is Comet, in which the fictional Lively’s untimely death is the catalyst for a half sister’s second chance at love.
At the end of most narratives, Lively makes a point of reminding readers that while these stories are fictional, they are not impossible. Perhaps is this sense of endless possibility, so expertly conveyed by this talented veteran, that makes this collection so completely riveting. In the end, we are all the ones “for whom things might have spun off elsewhere, who might have become someone else.” –Gisele Toueg

So which is your favorite cover of all the 3? There is one more… but I didn’t like it much πŸ™‚
Well Thank you Jill, awesome review!
And which blogger made you want to buy a book this week?!

And yes, Penelope Lively has been nominated 3 times for Booker Prize and won it once for Moon Tiger in 1987!

Horrible cover πŸ˜‰

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  1. I meant to reply to your comment yesterday, but it slipped my mind. Sorry! Of course I don't mind that you used my first paragraph!! Especially since it made you want to read the book. πŸ˜€

  2. I saw this book at Jill's too. It sounds so good. I like the cover with the cutout dress the best.I love your new look and I especially like the header. Where did you find it?

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