Cover Attractions!

November 4, 2009 0 By admin

I am filling today’s cover attraction post with covers… you can even have a vote as to which one you like 😉
I didn’t do this post last week, so here we go..

I just love this cover of “Waiting for Columbus”! The sad part is, I FORGOT to mark the blog where I saw this first! So sorry Girl!
If I remember or find out, I will surely update this post!

OK! I am not sure what is it that I like about this cover! I think it has to be the shiny heels!

The next 2 covers are from Jo-Jo Loves to Read! I just don’t know, but i kind of like it!

I know why I like this one, it just gets me in the holiday mood! And it is kind of funny too!

So which is you Fav?!

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