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Monday is here again!

Ah! Monday is here again!
What’s up on Monday?! Hmmm…
I am almost done with Lost Symbol
I have stated True Believer by Nicholas Page. Everyone keeps on gushing about Nicholas’s books. I really needed to read one at the very least right! Don’t ask me why I chose this. But it has been in my TBR since last year 🙂
I hunted down eBook of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman AND Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.Though I have no idea when  will be able to read it!

And last week I finished nothing [ as usual ;)]!
I saw a documentary on NGC[ I think or was it Discovery?! 🙁 ] about the rain’s and flood in Mumbai on the fateful night of 26th July, 2005. which killed over 1000 people and destroyed so many homes as well. Th city that never sleeps came to a stand still that day.
Did you know Mumbai was originally a group of 6 or so islands? And they were joined by putting sand in to the sea by the British back when they were here!? And well the documentary really was SHOCKING! The documentary showed as to what happened on that day, and what were the real causes apart from the 8th heaviest down-pour ever recorded here.
Got time? Watch it. You will know the dos and dont’s when being in a traffic jam and flood!
For example –
              If you are in a car, and you see the water increasing, get out of the car and hit for a safe land base. Don’t keep your car glasses tightly closed and don’t put on the AC in the car, there are chances that the AC will start emitting toxic gases and you will lose your consciousness without even knowing about it! One guy almost lost his life because of that. It was terrible seeing what happened and I really felt angry when seeing the main reason.
And much more of such stuff.
What’s up for you guys out there?
What are you reading?
Thank You J.Kaye for hosting this one 🙂

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  1. Hope you get The Lost Symbol finished, are you enjoying it at least?? I've read quite a few Nicholas Sparks books and really liked them but I havent read that one. Ooh I love Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere is on my tbr list. Have you read The Graveyard Book, it's fantastic!

  2. I still haven't read a Nicholas Sparks book. There seem to be many fans of his novels. I'll have to read one soon. Enjoy your reading this week!

  3. OMG about the AC and the documentary. I am going to see if I can get that on NetFlix. We hear so much of New Orleans in the States but not much about the horrible flooding in India.

  4. Veens, I think you'll enjoy the Nicholas Sparks romance. He's a terrific storyteller. I've read all of his novels except for the new one.That is so interesting about Mumbai. I didn't know that it was a group of islands!Happy Monday!

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