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Monday Updates!

Wow! Last week was terrific for me!
I finished ~~
ok, technically I finished The Lost Symbol, a week before…but I am doing this to make me feel really good 😀
Now that’s the BEST you can expect from me and I am scared that the phase may not last at all.. psst!, that’s ok though 😉
Well right now, I am slowly reading,
Lock and Key [eBook] courtesy Shona, she is such a sweetheart and well ‘Remains of the Day’, has been there in the pile for a while. Now not reading a Booker guy, was making feel a little sad, you see. 😉
So what have you guys got on your piles?
Head over to J.Kaye‘s to see what she and the others are upto!

0 thoughts on “Monday Updates!

  1. Wow, you did have a good week last week. I've heard such good things about Sarah Dessen. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on that one. Have a good week Veens.

  2. Great reading week. I'll be waiting for your thoughts on Remains of the Day. I didn't like the book or the movie — but I think I'm in the very small minority.

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