Short Story 10: The ruin of Grant Lowery by Audrey Niffenegger

November 17, 2009 0 By admin
The ruin of Grant Lowery by Audrey Niffenegger is a short story about Grant Lowery who meets 3 out-of-place looking women in a bar. He has had a couple of beers and gives in when one of them asks him to help him win a bet. There bet is that Grant will allow one of them to stay with him for an year to study humans especially males.

The lady tried again. “You see, we are fairies and we are trying to perfect our knowledge of humans, men in particular, and we want to study one up close. You are very pretty…” (This was true. Grant was 25 years old and had all the thick, wavy hair, straight, white teeth and unshaven charm of youth.) “And we thought if you liked one of us, we might be able to study you.”

And then, he really does select one of them. He keeps on reminding himself that if he were in his mind, he would have not done it. Anyway this one was a excellent read. I loved it. A tale set in the modern times. It made me laugh, which I suppose is not the emotion that this piece hoped to generate. Of course I felt immensely sorry for Grant, but then I really liked this short piece. Wish there was MORE!
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