Short Story 12: Curious Case of Benjamin Button by by F Scott Fitzgerald

November 26, 2009 0 By admin
Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Available online to read.
My Rating – 5 on 5!

This is the story on which the Oscar nominated movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt was made.

This is a little different from the movie adaptation , I am really glad about that, or else I would have lost my interest in it very soon. But I can see, how the idea was taken from this story.
I actually liked reading this one a lot. Narrated from Benjamin’s point of view, this story really shows how the poor little thing would have felt and acted in the 1860s. How the society would react to such a baby! It was a good read and I really enjoyed. The basic story is known to many because of the movie and I really liked the movie too! The movie was made to suit today’s audience.
Thanks to Rob, for the link and the review, which lead me to read this one for 100 shots of shorts challenge, he is hosting! Join in the challenge here.