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Short Story 14: The Child’s Story  by Charles Dickens
Available ONLINE to read.
My Rating: 5 on 5!
I cannot talk about this story without giving it away. So I suggest EVERYONE should read this simple and short tale written by Charles Dickens!
It is a heart warming simple tale.
Short Story 15: The Christmas Tree and the Wedding by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Available ONLINE to read.
My Rating: 4.5 on 5!
In this story the narrator is at a Children’s ball, where he is a loner. He takes about watching the many guests and the way the hosts treat them according to there rank and status.
He in due course watches a personage who seems to be the distinguished guest of the party and the way he conducts himself and what happens when he comes to know about the dowry that would be given for the little 11 yr-old daughter of the hosts! I really enjoyed this story as well. Classic.
Rebecca’s Reviews. I owe thanks to her for these stories!
I read this for 100 shots of shorts challenge, Rob is hosting! Join in the challenge here.

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  1. Yes Shona, I am in the process of reading your short Stories. Thank youSuko, I am sure yo will like it! Do let us know if you like them 🙂 Would love to read your thoughts on it 🙂

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