Hakim & Terrance Shadow Mystery by Bernadine Feagins

December 17, 2009 0 By admin
Hakim & Terrance Shadow Mystery
by Bernadine Feagins
Paperback, 68 Pages
Published August 7, 2009
Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery is a wonderful story about a lost dog. Two best friends go on an adventure to bring Shadow home. Along the way you will meet nice neighbors, some kind business owners and many others. The mystery begins when someone finally provides a clue. What do you think that clue is? Find out today with your purchase of Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery
First of all thanks to Pump up Your Book Promotions for this chance to review of this book and to the author for sending me this delightful novella.
The synopsis sums up the book neatly. With delightful and detailed illustrations we embark on a mystery solving journey with Hakim and Terrance. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is a very nice look at how friendship and love help us in our life. It also showcases the art of giving up on something one loves for the benefit of others.
All in all a beautiful and lovely little book for kids and their parents!
This would definitely make a wonderful gift for your little ones at home.
About the author: Bernadine Feagins is a new author who is looking forward to many years of writing children’s books. She has always had a love of children and worked many years in early childhood education. During these times she witnessed the joy children felt as she would demonstratively read books. In addition she is a very active mom who loves to nurture not only her children, but those of family and community. She often had story time with those she loved and cared for. She developed her story telling skills through the numerous books she read to children, this gave her an inspiration to tell her own story. Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery is the result. When Bernadine isn’t reading to children or involved in some other child nurturing activity, she can be found as a business woman that works for the IRS. Bernadine is available for interviews, book signings or public reading in schools and libraries.

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