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Hans Christian Anderson

I recently started read Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson (1805-1875) and I am delighted to find another author that I really like.
This month all I have wanted to do is read happy or funny stories and this author has written so many tales that I am sure I will read to my kids someday!

While reading about this author, I also found this little gem of info…

At Odense City Museums we are constantly at work digitization the Hans Christian Andersen collections.
Ursi’s Blog 

There you can also see a wonderful picture book which is the last one handwritten by the author on May 9th, 1874…the poet wrote…

“In the last [couple of] days I have made a Picture Book for little Charlotte Melchior, mostly pasted on coloured pictures and written verses next to each. The Book is being sent to her today.”

There is one more digitalized version of his work on this site! And it is so WONDERFUL to find such resources on net! Ain’t this priceless!
There is another MUSEUM of his works [ this site is in Dutch, please use Google translate to see it ] !!

Now over to some Fairy Tales…
Available ONLINE

Long time ago there lived an Emperor who was excessively fond of clothes. He splurged like anything on clothes! Two swindlers having heard of the King’s extravagant spending on clothes decided to play a tick and make some bucks and fool the king. And they did ti quite successfully.
It was a fun read with a message for all of us, go read and find out if you still like tales like these.

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  1. hans christian andersen is a treasure!!! and i love this story.. :)if u are looking for something that'll keep you smiling for some time, you SHOULD read Anne of Green Gables…it is such a delightful read, guaranteed to make you smile 🙂

  2. I love Hans Christian Anderson. Do you watch cartoons?Have you seen The little mermaid episode which features Hans Christian Anderson? It was really fun 🙂

  3. It's funny – I've never actually put effort into reading Hans Christian Anderson's works… I guess I should. So many of them are well known. The only one I've read is The Little Match Girl and I remember I was devastated with how it ended. Maybe that's why I've never gotten around to reading him. 🙁 Thanks for bringing him up though, I'm going to check and see what my library has on him.♥Nely

  4. So glad you found something delightful like these to read. I have never read fairy tales but I would choose Anderson over the Grimms or others out there first I think. And who knew he hand made such things. It's beautiful. A lovely, enjoyable post Veens. Thank you.

  5. I don't thing I've read any of his tales, although I vaguely remember reading one to my girls when they were little but they didn't like it. So glad you're enjoying them, it inspires other people to dig out the classics. I'm currently working my way through all Jane Austen's books.

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