Short Story 23: MY DEAR MISS FAIRFAX by Nicola Slade

February 13, 2010 0 By admin

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Short Story 23: MY DEAR MISS FAIRFAX by Nicola Slade

I read a review of this story at The Book Mine Set, who by the way has a great repository of great short story reviews. In the review, John points out that the story had been already read and reviewed AND liked by 2 other new-to-me bloggers. This info triggered my interest in this story and another fact, and let me tell you the main reason for me reading this one had to be that this was written in epistolary format — just like Daddy-Long-Legs! This format has suddenly become my favorite and any books/short-stories written in this way, will definitely land up in my wish list 🙂

This was a great read. It is about a Mr Ambrose Rogers, a plantation owner in the West Indies, writing to Lady Steyne in London, seeking her help in finding a wife for himself who was ready to come and settle with him in the West Indies. As it turns out, Lady Steyne knows someone and introduces them through letters. What follows in best left for you to discover and let me tell you it is a good story with a really nice, cozy and happy ending!
Another thing I noted was the enjoyable view of life and styles of people in 1840s. It is really wonderful, that the author was able to pack in so much in such a short story and deliver it with simplicity and grace!
Highly recommended with a cup of warm tea!
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