Wisdom Cookies!!

February 16, 2010 0 By admin
I was searching the net for information on books by Agatha Christie. I have read her a lot during school, but I can’t just remember what I read and the title names…so, I came across this article about the Guinness records held by the celebrated author was discussed, on a site named Agatha Christie
She has a record for –
**the biggest selling fiction author in the world.  
**the longest continuously running play in the world – The Mousetrap.
But did u know there was a 3rd one also?!
Here is an excerpt from the article which I found both funny as well as Intriguing to say the least about her 3rd record –

Well today, she has achieved it with The Complete Miss Marple – a single volume of 12 novels, 20 short stories and 43 murders!  Broken down that gives us 12 poisonings, 6 strangulations, 2 drownings, 2 stabbings, 1 burning, 1 death by an arrow and 2 people pushed to their deaths – all solved by a spinster from a small village in England.  Rather remarkable by anyone’s standards.  On top of this there are 68 crimes, 59 red herrings, 22 false accusations all of which are washed down by 143 cups of tea.
As we were trawling through the books in search of facts, highlighters in hand, we were reminded of why fans of Christie are so passionate about her work.  There is something unbelievably compelling about guessing who the killer is – though more often than not it seems that Christie can still outwit us.  I for one have yet to guess correctly though I live in hope.

Read the article here!