The Carriage House by Carla Neggers

The Carriage House by Carla Neggers

The Carriage House
by Carla Neggers
Paperback 384 pages
Published Nov 1st, 2003 by Mira


Fun and a little hard work. That’s all Tess Haviland had in mind when Ike Grantham paid her for her graphic design work with the run-down, 19th century carriage house on Boston’s North Shore. Then Ike disappeared and now Tess finds herself with much more than a simple weekend project to get her out of the city. It’s not just the rumors that the carriage house is haunted–it’s the neighbors: six-year-old Dolly Thorne, her reclusive babysitter, Harley Beckett…and especially Dolly’s father, Andrew Thorne, who has his own ideas about why Tess has turned up next door.

But when Tess discovers a human skeleton in her dirt cellar, she begins to ask questions about the history of the carriage house, the untimely death of Andrew’s wife…and Ike’s disappearance. Questions a desperate killer wants to silence before the truth reveals that someone got away with murder.

First of all I have to thank the beautiful Stacy of Stacy’s Books for the random giveaway where I won this book.

Thanks a lot, Stacy!

The synopsis very much tells you the story and if I say anything more it will be a total giveaway. So I will just tell you my feelings on this book…it is predictable, and to me it seems that the author wanted it this way. I liked Tess a lot and her dad and her Godfather too. The dialog between Tess and her Godfather (who keeps on getting on her nerves) is hilarious and I loved it. You won’t be able to stop from giggling on those.  I really felt that I wanted a friend like Susan was to Tess and how Harley was to Andrew! And Dolly, oh sorry, Princess Dolly was adorable to say the least.

With highly likable characters and just a bit of mystery, this is a light and fluffy read that I enjoyed!

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  1. This is pretty much how I felt about it too. Light and fluffy, but fun. Glad you enjoyed it. Oh, and thanks for saying I;m beautiful- every 8 month pregnant woman needs to hear that 🙂

    1. :o) Thank u so much for the book, Stacy! i am sure you look beautiful 🙂 even now! I know about wanting to hear that… but I am sure pregnant women always look more beautiful 🙂

  2. Veens, this sounds pretty good!

    I know you are busy with your beautiful, sweet baby, but stop by when you can because I have a new giveaway and it’s INTERNATIONAL! 🙂

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