Really Random Tuesdays #3

September 14, 2010 0 By admin

The lovely lady Suko says…

Welcome once again to another “edition” of Really Random Tuesday! Really Random Tuesday is a way to post odds and ends–announcements, musings, quotes–any blogging and book-related things you can think of.

I think it is pretty obvious that all I post here about books I am reading and about Aarya and life in general :o)

So this past week I shifted to WordPress, I like it so far. It is kind of nice also. I am still very new, so I cannot really compare it with blogger yet, but someday I will.

This past week, I went to a used bookstore near my place and bought 2 books for 100Rs – I was so THRILLED~

I will definitely visit there again :o)

I also received …

from Stacy. THANK YOU, STACY :o)

Life has been on the quiet side these days, and I am kind of liking it! This last Sunday Aarya completed his 5 months, and we have been advised by the doc to start on some liquids and then s

lowly some solids too. I could see he is ready for it. And well in my next post I will tell you how it went :o)

I am still reading Family Matters and I am also reading Dead As A Doornail by Charlain Harris!

So that’s all from me this week, I hope you have a great week a

head and here is a lovely pic I found while browsing the other day…