5th Shot of Shock: The Dampmere Mystery by John Kendrick Bangs

October 6, 2010 0 By admin

I read The Dampmere Mystery by John Kendrick Bangs as part of the 31 Shots of Shock.Every day of the month of October, I will be posting review of one horror short Story! This challenge is hosted by Rob @RobAroundBooks. You can join any day you want.

Sawson wished to be alone so as to write peacefully and without interference. For this he rents out a little cottage at Dampere and moves in accompained by his Chinese cook and a pet. All things seems to go well, but come Easter, things start getting strange.

…as Easter approached something queer seemed to develop in the Dampmere cottage. It was undefinable, intangible, invisible, but it was there.

This was a weird kind of horror story. While reading I had goosebumps too, but I was slightly disappointed at the ending, there was no explanation on why things were happening, I would have certainly liked to know.

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