6th Shot of Shock: The Voice in the Night by William Hope Hodgson

October 6, 2010 0 By admin

I read The Voice in the Night by William Hope Hodgson as part of the 31 Shots of Shock.Every day of the month of October, I will be posting review of one horror short Story! This challenge is hosted by Rob @RobAroundBooks. You can join any day you want.

On board of Schooner sailing the Northern Pacific, George is suddenly surprised by a call from the water by a mysterious old man. The Old man for some reason, doesn’t want to be seen and would not come near the ship. George sckeptical wakes his friend Will and together they put some edible stuff in a box and sends it out to the old man, who is in dire need for the same. The old man leaves in a hurry but comes back later to tell the story of what happened to him and his fiancee.

This is the tale of terror I was waiting for. I cannot get the images that conjured in my head while reading this story… oh my God, it scared the hell out of me. It is not a typical ghost story, but it is scary nevertheless. You have to read it, period.

I am looking forward to reading more fro this author.  Thanks to Rob, for the link to this one.

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