Really Random Tuesday – a Day Early with a Gush Fest!

December 20, 2010 0 By admin

I hope you all are having a great day and with holidays coming up, I am sure you all are very busy with all the things that need to be done. We went to Aarya’s rice eating ceremony at the end of November. Or parents were already there and it was fun minus the travel in the car to Kerala (8 hours). We have decided not to go by car anymore J

Rice eating Ceremony is generally held in the 6th month, but because of the death of my Hubby’s Granny, we postponed it. I had vowed in my heart that if everything went well with my pregnancy and my baby is safe and healthy, we will go to Guruvayoor Temple in Kerala, for the baby’s Rice Eating Ceremony. It is a big Krishna Temple. For the ceremony the baby is made to sit on his Dad’s lap and mom sits beside him. The Priest first comes and tells the Dad to whisper in each of baby’s ears his name 3 times. Then the priests give the father some holy water which the baby has to drink. After which a big Banana Leaf containing, a spoon of rice, Jaggery Payasam (sweet), all the different curries is served. The father first gives the baby the sweet, followed by the rice and all the curries; just a pinch that’s all. Then I do the same (feeding him) and the any relatives who are there can also do it. This is done sitting facing East and once this is done, the baby and one of the Parents can enter the Temple ( Aarya and I went in).

The Priest (bent forward) giving Hubby the Holy water.

Aarya after eating his very first meal 🙂

Next day we went to the beach and as we could not go later, we went in the afternoon (wrong time) but I think Aarya was fascinated by the Sea.


Aarya's first feel of the Ocean!

I know I have been absent from blogging a lot and I am sorry about that L in other news I got an iPAD as my Birthday Gift (Dad. I loveeeee YOU! ) YAY! I am super excited and have already read 2 iBooks on it. It is fantastic and I love it. I just need an internet connection and then I can start using all the other functionality as well.

In queue, 2 days back I received a HUGE packet and I was surprised. So Aarya and me jumped at it and tore it open, before checking who it was from. Oh my!!! It was from Bhargavi (Bedazzled) – if you have not visited her blog, please do, she has a fantastic blog on books – and she was my Secret Santa! She sent me some really AWESOME stuff which includes…

Peek-a who book for Aarya 🙂 4 coasters and 2 lovely bookmarks from (this is a fab store, if you have not been there you ought to right away!); awesome earrings;  a beautiful New Year Card; Persuasion and Tales of Passion and Tales of Woe by Sandra Gulland.

Aarya with his Peek-a-who book 🙂

A Lovely Frame which was also there in the lovely loot I had; it is lovely 🙂

A closer look at the coasters!

Aren’t those Coasters absolutely Classic?! And that frame? hmm… actually each and everything is so awesome, right? I LOVE THEM. And you know the best thing I LOVE when I think of these gifts is the amount of thought she has put into finding the stuff for Aarya and me. She made my day, my month and I am so darn HAPPY! Still can’t stop thinking about it, I was so happy! The gift I sent is not full of such awesomeness but I do hope my Santee like it 😉

Right now I am going to stop this post right here, before you guys tell me to shut-up 😉

Have an awesome week ahead 🙂

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