Movie Chat #1

January 11, 2011 0 By admin

In 2011, I thought I would love to catalog my thoughts on the many movies we see (Hubby and me) –


After hearing a lot about this movie, especially from a cousin – who just said “you have to watch it”, Hubby got the DVD last week for us to watch the movie on Saturday and wow! It is brilliant, awesome and must-watch. I am thinking of buying the DVD and watching this once again. I love all the actors esp. Leonardo, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page – everyone. Marion Cottilard is brilliant, she is awesome.

Husband was absolutely blown away with the plot. Kudos to the director, Christopher Nolan, to have thought of something like this and then making this movie. The visuals are amazing, the story-line perfect and acting immaculate. I am sure this is one movie you will watch more than once and find something you might have previously missed.

I totally enjoyed it, even though in the beginning I was a bit lost. I just totally want to find The Dark Knight (previous movie by Nolan)

I saw the 1st hour of the movie and figured this was not my kind of movie. I could not feel any kind of sympathy for a guy who doesn’t call his loved ones before he goes off – at least there would have been a search-party out there somewhere and maybe they would find him. But other than that, hats off to Aron Lee Ralston(on whom this movie is based), I don’t think I would be able to do what he did.

But there have been rave reviews, so you might like it.