I did not realize that I had read nothing but few pages here and there of some books for the past few weeks and that I was in a reading slump. I have no idea why I started reading this one at all…but now I need to know what happened.


Unbeknownst to her identical twin Bennie Rosato, Alice Connelly is on the run from her drug-dealing confederates who are trying to kill her. Alice sees only one way out – to become Bennie. She slips a drug into her drink, and usurps her life. Not only does she sleep with her boyfriend, impersonate her at work – and steal her money, but she also warns the police that her evil twin is out to get her. Her plan works perfectly, because when Bennie emerges to fight back, everyone thinks she’s Alice – including the police. Meanwhile, Mary DiNunzio, distracted by personal problems is also duped by Alice. The happy DiNunzio home is disrupted by the arrival of a sexy and mysterious cousin who claims to be a witch – and manages to put Mary’s father under her spell! Bennie, with everything at stake, is fighting for her life – on all levels. She’s reached breaking point. But when the chips are finally down, what will she do? Is blood thicker than water, and can an ordinary, law-abiding woman be driven to evil?

Within the first 2 chapters, Bennie has been put into a box where she is left to die and Alice has taken over her life. Now you know, there is non-stop action in this one. I HATE Alice, but I am not sure if I do like Bennie, there is something missing, I think, that something that makes you love a character – I don’t think it is there. I am sure as the story progresses there will be more to discuss. Have you read this one? What were your thoughts?