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First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

Every Tuesday, I be posting the opening paragraph (maybe two) of a book I decided to read based on the opening paragraph (s). This meme is hosted by Diane from Bibliophile By the Sea, come join us and share what you are reading.

Today’s paragraph is from It Happened on a Train (Brixton Brothers) by Mac Barnett, Adam Rex

“It was Wednesday Evening, a.k.a trash night. Steve Brixton, seventh grader, formerly of the Brixton Brothers Detective Agency, plodded along his driveway, dragging a maroon bin behind him. The bin’s wheels rumbled and popped as they rolled over pebbles on the blacktop. This week the Brixton family’s bin was very full. The lid would not close tightly; it bonced up and down, making an irregular, slow clapping sound. And the trash was heavy – Steve could feel the can’s weight in his elbow, and he kept switching the arm  he used to drag it: right, then left, and back again.  He sighed.  This was a particularly difficult trash night, and that’s because the garbage tin contained fifty-one shiny, red-backed  books: a complete set of the Bailey Brothers Mysteries, a series of detective novels that until a week and a half ago had been Steve’s favorite books of all time.

Steve pulled the bin down off the curb. It hit the street hard, and it’s lid bounced back like a clam’s shell, revealing the can’s contents. Steve stood underneath a streetlamp. Its orange bulb flickered and hummed, even though the sun was just now setting and there was still plenty  of light in the sky.

What do you think would you read this? I think it is pretty funny (**ebook**) 🙂

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