I have tried writing a post for quite sometime, but I think I am in a writers-block as well. I am not reading anything and all of time is spent with Aarya who has turned into the naughtiest brat you know 🙂


One thing I am doing is cooking. It is like I have found a new found love for cooking. And these past few months I have tried recipes, some of which have turned out awesome and some sheer failures.


I am very keen on sharing them with you all and get back to blogging as well.  I think till I get back to reading, I can share with you my culinary experiences and the verdict of my poor victims 🙂

I think I have a plan and I hope you will try these as well as they are very easy and quick recipes because I cook around Aarya who wrecks a havoc when I cook 🙂

Hope all is well with you all and I will visit your blogs soon, and I hope I can revamp my blog as well 🙂