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Simple Math Activity for Letter D

D is for Dump-Truck and we used some amazing printables from Royal Baloo’s Zooming-Moving Alphabet series; they are a HUGE hit with Aarya. To accompany that we did a very simply maths activity involving his favorite Dump-Truck.

All you need is

1 Dump truck,

few cubes ( it can be oother things as well such as Dinosaurs(?))

Number tiles, blocks (anything , really)

What I did?

I placed a number a cube in a tray, I asked Aarya that the office on the other side requires 5 cubes, could he please deliver them fast πŸ™‚ (you can also name the cube something else like cargo, box etc – get creative). If your kiddo needs help, help his gently with counting out his blocks and let him deliver them and come back for the next lot.

I also used this activity for a adding 1 and subtracting 1 –

“what happens if you deliver one more to the warehouse, how many do they have now?”

“one of the boxes you delivered is broken, bring it back – see how many do they have now?”
Aarya was not interested in the adding and subtracting, but the counting was just fine πŸ™‚ He can now count objects till 5 without help but in his excitement jumbles up 6 to 10 ; we are slowly working on that Β too.

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