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Tissue Paper Collage Votive Candle Holders

If you go to Pinterest there are a whole lot of places you can find this; I wanted to do this for Diwali, but then that time gets so crazy busy, I hardly find time to do any craft at all! So after the Crepe Paper Bleeding Art came out real nice, I was inspired to do this with Aarya over this weekend. Sadly, Aarya’s Dad was sick and we needed to leave him alone so that he could get his rest – so his was one of the things we did 🙂

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Every time I set out an invitation for arts or crafts, I grab my camera to take a picture of it. Today when I came back with the camera I saw him take pictures using his camera 🙂

All you need –

  • 2 empty glass containers (mine are Kissan Jam and some Pickle Jar( I do not throw out such stuff; I am a junk hoarder, if you must know ;))
  • tissue papers – torn, let kids do this part
  • watered down glue. I took fevicol and added equal parts water and mixed it up.
  • Brushes (mine are plastic from Hobbyideas shop near my place)

Using the brush we first applied a little glue mixture on to the glass jars; Aarya was careful but to contain the mess I did use a tray. Truth be told Aarya was only interested in this part, when I asked him if he wanted to add the tissue papers, he said he would add the blue colored ones eventually. I did not stress. I just did mine and let him do his 🙂

After a while he did add a couple of blue and some others too, but was “done” when mine was finished. So he basically brushed the glue on his for that long and he loved that (have I mentioned he LOVES glue?)!
One thing I have learned in my journey in doing crafts with his is –
1) Never interfere in his space (I show him, and he does what he feels like).
2) I do not try to beautify his work or edit it in anyway; at least never without him expressly asking me to do it.
3) Once done, I praise his work and tell him that it was an awesome process! (stress on the process)

This means that I always have my project and he, his. We share art supplies and space and try to keep to our work. But we are still learning, so you can see him putting his ‘nose’ into my work once in a while, but that’s ok!

The left one is his and the right one is mine! It is the process that matters and not the end product! And here is mine with a candle onside!

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