Feburary Goals

February 3, 2014 19 By admin

January just flew by, did it not? I had written about my January goals some of which I really did do well and some of which I completely ignored and am taking forward to February.
Here is what I did or did not do on my January goals –

  1. I did do a LOT of decluttering… I really wanted to make space for all the baby stuff. But I am still working on decluttering/ organizing Aarya’s stuff. This is war, my friends!
  2. Going out to play everyday has been a success, thanks to my MOM! She is my life-saver and I have been going for my walks as well. An activity a day has not been a reality mainly because we spend afternoons and evenings at my Moms place and rarely have anything on hand to do the art. But recently I created a art/craft box (will share in a post) which has been a life-saver and we have been using it at my Mom’s place.
  3. We made the Memory Jar, but I never got around posting about it. I kind of have the post in my Drafts, but it never got posted. Here is a Instagram pic of it though (just for records)memory-jar
  4. Never got around making the photobook with Aarya 🙁 This is going to happen this week though.
  5. A photo a week has been happening but I am behind on posting about it.

This month, more specifically in 2-3 weeks time, we are hoping and praying that our littlest member will enter our lives and it is all going to get pretty crazy in our household and I have decided to concentrate on simplicity this month along with Love. With Valentines day coming up, we are trying to do some very simple and basic crafts/arts projects together…lots of reading together and that is pretty much it.

Here are my goals for this month –

  1. Read Valentine’s day themed books with Aarya. Focus on love, family and relationships.
  2. We made a bird feeder to mark the start of the month. I wanted to help Aarya understand about being giving and generous. I hope he *gets* it. I hope to post about it too. ( I did share it on Instagram)bird feeder
  3. Keep myself positive… focused and easy-to -be around. I am in a jittery state of mind. I guess 2nd time around, Moms are not as worried as the 1st time, but I am. I am scared, emotional and am having HUGE mood-swings. I am unbearable to myself, and I am thankful that my husband and parents are people who love and understand what I am going through. This pregnancy has been difficult and I am just plain worried all the time.  So I am going to focus on praying and being positive. I am going to try!

I hope all of you pray for me too, I need them right now. Reading blogs and blogging in general keeps me distracted while my mom takes care of Aarya nowadays and in a few days I will be completely shifting to my parents place. My blog and me might get a bit quiet, but I hope to get back post-delivery (hopefully recovered and in a happy-state-of-affairs) 🙂

Linking up to Maryanne’s Mama Smiles blog, what are your goals this month?