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Book Love: Little Blue Truck

Has there ever been a book, that you coveted for a really LONG time knowing with utmost surety that your little one will enjoy it; and finally when you get it, that little person totally IGNORES it? Well this happened with Little Blue Truck.
The number one thing that has been so hard for me in this parenting gig, is the acceptance that your little one is a actually a little person, different from you, has his own mind and tastes and definitely has ideas of his own about things. It is been difficult for me to accept that, I struggle with it even now – but it has got easier with time. I struggle with reminding myself that he is actually rejecting my choices and not ME! It is not to be taken personally. 

So, back to the book! I read to him a couple of times and decided to not give up so fast and lured him in with an activity which I knew (with experience) that he will enjoy!

Materials needed:

Watercolor paper – (Ours are A3 size)
Little Blue Truck template from here
Dump Truck Template from here
Ball – any ball will do, I just used this to get this fun tire pattern.
Brown color – for the mud
Cardboard tray (anything which can hold the paper is OK)
Googly Eyes – totally optional.

Print out the templates on watercolor paper. I made the mistake of using normal printer paper. They became so soggy and almost tore. So I had to cut them out and stick them to watercolor paper (Aarya would have been so disappointed, if they tore). Now I used watercolor because I wanted to really contain the mess. You could use any paint or crayons or pencils, anything your child loves. Mine loves paint (over crayons and pencils), so watercolors it was. We painted everything (including dump truck) blue, it is Aarya’s favorite color, you see. And let it dry.

Once dry, place the painting in a box. Then take your ball, dip it in brown color and go rolling!

This, by far, is Aarya’s FAVORITE way of painting. First Aarya went with random rolling, but on his second picture where I glued his dump truck and blue truck together ( I wish I had got them facing the same way, it would have been same as the book), he focused on getting the mud only on the tires. But after a while, he did pour the remaining brown paint in too 🙂

I absolutely love how it turned out and Aarya was quite proud of it. After it dries, you could add googly eyes and it is so FUN!

Here are some other activities related to this book –

Crayon Freckles did some awesome preschool activities related to Little Blue Truck. I absolutely love the phonics game, might do it with Aarya soon.

I {heart} Crafty Things shared a craft (Art) activity she did with her sun, which is absolutely awesome too.

And if you have an older kid who loves to sketch, Nearly Crafty shares step by step instructions on how to make Little Blue Truck using watercolors. She even paints the big green toad. And it is gorgeous, no doubt.

What picture books are you reading with your little people, today?

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11 thoughts on “Book Love: Little Blue Truck

  1. What a fun way to paint the trucks all dirty! I have to give this a try. I haven’t read Little Blue Truck with my daughter yet but it’s been on my to do list. Thanks so much for linking back to me! I hear you about the books too. It’s always surprising to me what books I pick out at the library thinking my kids will enjoy and then they turn out to no like them. I’m glad he ended up enjoying the activity and gave the book a second chance because I love that book too! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Rachel – for your comment! I am absolutely thrilled 🙂 I am so glad he gave this book a second chance too 🙂 I cannot wait to read this book with my daughter too, I am sure it will be FUN!

  2. This is a fun book for the kids, and your painting activities are the perfect match for the book!
    Thank you for helping to bring a spoonful of reading fun to the Poppins Book Nook this month!

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