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Setting Goals: May 2014

Where did April go?

This month long, Aarya has holidays!  I had huge plans for these holidays, awesome bucket lists, swimming classes, tennis and what not! But when I took him to swimming classes (my mind told me, he was ready); he totally refused! My water-loving, pool-loving babe refused to go into the pool. I almost forced him into it; before stopping myself and remembering something my Hubs had told me sometime ago – ” Summer holidays for us meant –  lazy days, doing what we wanted, and loads of outdoors… nothing planned just plain ole’ fun!”.

When did I forget that! It was the same for me too! Why was I pushing my son into activities when he should just be enjoying himself? Was it peer-pressure, it is the trend right now and I was really just going with the flow.

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So my goal this months are as usual, simple –


* Let him be.

* Try out more projects from all over the web(pinterest-ing)

* Get Outdoors

* Read more books and do related activities!

* Try to be screen-free as much as possible which is a challenge because my Hubs really needs his TV-time, video-time, game-time.

*Mom and kid yoga club – this an idea I am working on right now.


Maybe if I can, squeeze in a play-date with his wonderful friends!

11 thoughts on “Setting Goals: May 2014

  1. I always find you inspiring 🙂 We do activities once in a while [inspired from internet] but a lot of time I let him do what he wants to do. That’s how they come up with imaginative play, don’t they? I remember, when we were kids, we also used to make our own games. These days there are plenty of resources which atleast makes me think sometimes ‘oh! may be we are not doing enough activities’. But I guess, it is OK. We read daily at afternoon and night bedtimes.

    1. Oh Reema! Thank you for making my day 🙂 But I hardly ever get anything done most days. I feel guilty most times, when I cannot handle his energy levels or chattering and let him watch too much TV too! And most days, you can find him crashing his cars and planes….and makng stories. And yes! reading is important… it is more than enough!
      This time around I did not send him for any classes, so that he has his time lazying around 🙂

  2. How old is your son? My little one is five and a half and was very resistant to the pool initially. I had to force him into it!! But gradually he got used to swimming with arm bands on and then he slowly got rid of them and is now an independent swimmer!! But of course, go with your gut, if you feel it’s not time, then it isn’t – you can always try next summer!!! We are also struggling with controlling screen time :). I love your mom-child yoga club idea – cool!!

    1. Thanks Fab, I really thought I could force him into it 😉 But well he is at a stage where there is no pushing him 🙂
      Oh yess!! there is always next summer 🙂 I know I still am working on the Yoga thing 🙂

  3. I love your goals! Have you seen Giselle’s Kids Yoga stories? She has several books out, as well as posts with great ideas of yoga activities for kids.

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