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Finding Rhythm in the everyday


There is a rhythm to our everyday… or I must change the tense on that one and say, there was a rhythm to our days. It has gone kaput ever since our darling daughter made her grand entry! I struggle with getting the simplest of things, done; there is so much clutter all of a sudden, the disorganization is frustrating; the ridiculousness of it all is eating into my sanity. It is bothering me no end.

There is more TV – my distraction-specialist (sorry Aarya!). I spend more time searching for stuff, than actually doing anything.

No, the baby girl has nothing to do with it.

But maybe now it is out of hand, on my face, driving me nuts.

Many a days, I feel like a failure. Right now, it hits me very hard. I am scared my children see me as one. I am worried my Husband judges me too ( even though, I know he doesn’t).

So to get me some peace, for my happiness, for ME – I am going on a general cleanse of my home and me. And here I log our journey.

And a shout-out to Swapna ( for organizing  one of my 1st and the best bootcamps for Indian bloggers and getting me to think about my home on the internet at a whole new level. You are an inspiration, period.

And yes, this means I am jamming your inboxes again 🙂


12 thoughts on “Finding Rhythm in the everyday


    It is hard to be a mother of young children, but, the rewards are worth all the work! Enjoy these precious moments, even when they feel hectic. Yes, it is hard to get anything done (you are NOT a failure), but you are accomplishing so so much more, as a mom.

  2. Veens you are doing fabulously with those two adorable kids. I know it takes a lot to do all that you organize for Aarya. Especially now that you have the lil one demanding your attention. But please do not say that you are being judged or that you are a failure. Cos you are NOT. Here’s hoping the cleanse works 🙂

  3. Heyy Veena .. Keep it slow and steady.. Take your own sweet time.. Managing two children is not an easy task and must say you are doing an awesome job already.. I had sent a mail to you about 2 months back. Hope you received it 🙂

  4. Oh, sweetie, I think we all feel like failures! I’ve been stuck in that rut fora few weeks now so I know what you are feeling (without the new baby :)). Thank you for being so honest, and in all honesty, I’m right there with ya. Except for me, I find myself not with a tv problem, but a yelling one!

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