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Write 31 days – Tip #2

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Write 31 days – How NOT to kill the reading habit in kids with Book Recommendations for boys Tip #2

Tip #2 – Let them abuse the book.

Seriously  this has been the most difficult thing for me because I HATE anyone who dog-ears books in anyway. I DO NOT like writing in books..nor tearing them, nothing. So when my son quietly tore away a page of an awesome book I screamed at him and took away that book from him and didn’t read to him. Another day, he just made marks all over another book with sketch pens and I Again screamed and took away that book too. He associated my screaming with the books .What I did not realize was that he hated reading because he couldn’t *play* the way he did with other toys…he didn’t have any freedom! At 2 or even lesser age he didn’t have the understanding that I expected of him, and that almost cost me a lot.
But then I switched to board books..oh! And that was an awesome relief! ! He could throw, bite and it won’t tear at all. Of course every time he treated a book badly I reminded him that it was a bad thing but board books helped me keep my cool! so until your kiddo learns to properly handle books …buy board books !

1304331No! David by David Shannon
This book was in paperback format when I bought it and all I have of it is papers. I sometimes think I could frame each page of this hilarious, little worded awesome book. It is perfect if you have a very naughty little boy, to whom you say * No* quite a lot of times. This is one book every boy will LOVE! It is still one of the ffavoritebooks here!

Buy No David!

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  1. haha, my daughter was a serious book tearer, and it was so frustrating. She was on board books till UKG I think. My son is much better with books, but he destroys other things 🙁

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