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September 29, 2017 6 By admin

Thank You Misha for Introducing Me! Do chech out<a href=”https://freshlybakedhead.wordpress.com/2017/09/25/and-we-made-through-37-weeks/”>her blog</a>, because she has an awesome take on today’s prompt!

I wake up everyday, to beautiful and strong woman in my lives. I see woman perfectly managing their households. My mom she is an amazing example! She perfectly manages her beautiful home, her family and is our Rock

You wake everyday, and are inspired to your very best. And today I want to dedicate my post to my amazing Co-Hosts

Honey Prisha (@mummasauras1) – Who blogs at http://www.mummasaurus.com/ This Lady is a mother of twins has 9k views on her blog from June this year. Mom Champion on “Baby Chakra“, featured on “Your Story“! And there are tons of places this Mummasauras has been featured <3 whooooosh! She is a Power Mom Blogger and I am so Proud to associate with her! She shows you how to write and how to do it with elan. She manages her home, her family and is a Woman of today!!

PreetJyot (@mylittlemuffin_mom)
– Who blogs at https://mylittlemuffin.com/ A flight attendant turned blogger, she is raising her Girls and breaking stereotypes! She is another blogger I am so so proud to associate with her. With her blogs about how to raise kick-ass girls, she is an amazing Youtuber and her blog also has an APP! How cool is that! She is taking blogging to the next level with this APP! She is a rock solid girl of today, and is one of my favorite bloggers and Instagrammers! She is a REAL MOM!

Charu (@themomsagas) blogs at www.themomsagas.com. Charu is another amazing blogger and Mom of twins! Her blog and her amazing writing got her nominated for Indian Blogger Award! How cool and amazing is that! She is also a Mom Champion for Baby Chakra

These woman and YOU are my inspiration everyday to wake up and put my best feet forward and rock this Blogging Journey.
As this Blogathon finishes, I am left with happy memories and great feeling of accomplishment! My co-hosts have pushed me and encouraged me to write about things I would have never wrote.I AM SUPER PROUD OF EACH ONE OF YOU WHO TOOK THIS CHALLENGE AND FINISHED IT! I was gleefully introduced some powerful blogs and I am so happy to associated with each one of YOU!

I would take the opportunity to introduce Charu, who blogs at <The Mom Sagas> You can check out her <blog> on the prompt for today.