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A Letter to My Son

Dear Aarya,

You are perfect, little boy! And I am blessed!

My baby boy, you have a heart of Gold and you will always be my favorite Boy forever!

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My Boy, there is a lot of pressure on men in this Era. From looking the wrong way, to saying the wrong things – there are many things that you could do wrong, but remember in your heart that your worth is measured by the way you treat the Woman in your life! From your Sister, to your friends, and probably best friends, to the Girlfriends you might have, to the Girl who will Choose you eventually and then to your beautiful daughter and so on. Not only these, but the woman unknown to you, whom you might not interact with.  Remember every encounter you have with woman, is always going to be measured on an invisible weighing scale!

On Woman’s Day, this letter is just some thoughts that I hope you remember –

    You own no one!

Just like I have no right on you, you will never “own” anyone. Your mate is not someone who is entitled to you! They are just people who are kind enough to share their paths with you.

     Be Kind!

Kindness goes a long way! Treat everyone with kindness, but especially your female counterparts

      You cannot control anyone!

Control is an illusion. Don’t try to control a person, neither be controlled. You have to remember that discussing things with your sister/ partner will be more fruitful

       You are not Superior and neither are you inferior

No baby, you are not superior – I am sure you know that! But know that you aren’t inferior to anyone either. Everyone around is born equal, just like you


Just like how your sister needs respect, your partner also deserves respect. Only mutual respect will help you have happy and long lasting relationship with all the woman in your life!

        Body Beauty

The girls aren’t defined by their bodies. As much as I dislike Skinny – it is not my place to shame anyone including your sister/ partner/ friend/ colleague! A woman’s body endures more torture than you could ever imagine. And remember my boy, it is the heart you love and mind you please – body is but only a vessel for these amazing organs. Like you are allowed to have the body you want, every one else is too. So, NEVER body shame, and never let anyone body shme you <3

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I am sure you will be an amazing person my boy. But as a mother, I will never see you as a Person – you will always be my little boy!I hope you enjoy your life, make maazing memories, travel and live creatively! You were born free, you can choose, and I hope you choose Happiness



This blog post is a part of #Womensdayblogparty
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8 thoughts on “A Letter to My Son

  1. Loved the list Veena. I like the way you have told all that needs to be told without sounding like he needs to listen to you but in a more, if you do this, you will find thinga easy and smooth. Am sure Arya will grow up to be more than a gentleman

  2. Do not control & youo dont own anyone.. that is a faboulous advice. Each one of us should follow this. Thanks Veena for participating in #womensdayblogparty

  3. What a beautiful letter to be received by a lucky son. I loved how you told him that he is not superior to anyone just by being of a certain gender.. but also that.he was in no way inferior. Loved your writing style.

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