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How to Host a Simple Birthday Party for the Easily Anxious Child

Last year on my son’s 7th Birthday, my daughter spent the entire evening crying her eyes out at every new face she saw. Everyone who said hello to her was her villain, and everyone who touched her was an alien. So she spent the entire time huddled with my cousin in a room watching Youtube. Yes, I was shattered, the fact that I had hosted an amazing party only to have my 2nd kid not enjoy it at all was really painful!

That day [ or maybe the next day, after being exhausted from the after effects of this party ] I decided I will not throw a big bash on her birthday and have her mop around because she was not comfortable around strangers, esp. men. And thus, come February, I decided to throw a simple, intimate and amazing Party with people she cherished including her best friends and their moms whom she met daily.

Here are some tips that I learnt on the way, and incorporated in this party –

  1. Ask the kid, whom she wants to invite for her birthday

Well, sure there are many mommy friends and kids who would totally rock this party, but does your kid want them to be there? She might not be comfortable around them, and thus it is prudent to just ask her who she wants to spend her special day with. If she selects two, those are the two people you must invite.

  1. Make sure you repeat the names of the people who are going to be there including the moms

Preparation by way of Communication is very important. Keep reiterating before the big day, how excited you are that her friends are going to be here. And that Mama will have some fun too, with their Mamas. Try to keep the attendees to the number that she wants and don’t add any last minute people, until they are family she knows.

  1. Decide the theme based on her interests.

For Anjali’s Birthday party, the theme was simple “ Anjali’s Love”. So everything she loved made the theme and  the décor of her Party. Art, Frozen, sand play were some of the things she loved the most this past year and those made the Party Scenes.

  1. Incorporate a Play Area

Since Aarya’s Birthday disaster, we have been to number of birthday Parties and the ones sheenjoyed the most had dedicated play areas for little kids. She always aimed for these spaces and had a gala time, unaware of all the strangers flocking the party scene . While I was looking for ways to set up such play areas for her birthday, I came across Mumbai based company called Chandamama World which provides kids play zones and toys on rent for parties or playdates.

They have an amazing collection of toys and some great gear to choose from. They also have some fun Packages, which are great for Parties with varied ages of kids! A bouncy castle, some cars and a slide and maybe a trampoline – are going on my list of things I am going to choose from for Aarya’s Birthday Party <3

Look at all the pictures, and the happy/ busy kids! It would a respite for parents of kids like mine who have a hard time mingling with other kids. Also the colorful decor, and that there are stuff for multiple ages, is something that appealed to me the most! This would be a great addition to any Birthday Party Scence!

  1. Prepare for the worst.

    Prepare yourself for the meltdowns, power struggles and whatever that might happen. We just had one melt down, but being prepared helped me get through it without losing it.

  2. Have Games / Activities you have done before

    Watch the apinting activity in action –

    We first had a small Art Table set up. I made Easel pads with chart paperstuck on A4 size Cardboard. I laid out markers, crayons, paints, crepe paper cuts, stickers, glue, glitter. And the kids were left to their devices to do whatever they wanted! Next we had Sand play, with treasures to find. With the help of sand tools all kids had fun! In the end, we played Alphabet bingo! Which was not a big hit 🙂 But these activities kept them excited and they had lot of fun <3


Do you have a child who gets easily anxious in huge and small crowds? How do you manage them in big events? Do share!

3 thoughts on “How to Host a Simple Birthday Party for the Easily Anxious Child

  1. Your post will be helpful to parents of young children. I admire your honesty and willingness to help others plan and host parties that are less stressful and more fun. 🙂

  2. Awesome ideas dear… Loved each and every points.. The best is asking whom to invite.. So kid will freely mingle with all

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