Book Love: For the love of a cat by Rosalind Wilson, Art by Wen Hsu

Book Love: For the love of a cat by Rosalind Wilson, Art by Wen Hsu

April 25, 2018 1 By admin

For the Love of a cat by Rosalind Wilson, with Art by Wen Hsu is published by Katha Books, Here is a Blurb [ Katha.Org ] –

A young man cycles into a town to find himself in the company of a lively little boy. He tells him fascinating stories of going far and wide on a bicycle. Enchanted, the little boy dreams of cycling away into distant lands… Can his dreams come true? Get away by this gentle story and discover how an act of kindness can change someone’s life.

A young struggling Painter loved his art and his cat! He would find work, and spend the money on his art supplies and food. When Winter comes, he tries hard to find work and fails miserably. The last morsel of food he buys, is so small he decides to give it to his cat.

But it is as if good luck shines on him, as a group of priest commission him to make a beautiful painting of their God Lord Buddha with all the animals in the Jungle, they placed just one condition in front of him. What’s the condition and what happens then after, you will have to read it to know!


for the love of a cat by Rosalind WilsonWhat strikes you as this book unfolds is the bold usage of colors and beautiful illustrations. The Illustrations comprised of paper cut patterns and figures on beautiful watercolor backgrounds! The story in itself is beautifully told, and keeps you turning the pages till the very end.

I wish we could have more books by Rosalind, who died young. I wish we could see more of the illustrations by Wen Hsu, because she has really captured the essence of the story with her master strokes which is a great companion to the subtle, heart-felt story! One of the lesser known titles, this is one of the gems we hold very close to our hearts!

The fact that it portrays cat [ yes we have one] and a guy who is loving towards his only companion – my son sees himself portrayed in this story and it is in some way gives him a sense of happiness! Buy it on Katha Books

Have you read this book or any other Katha titles you recommend?