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20 Books of Summer Challenge

This is the first year I am Challenging myself to read 20 Books in 3 months hosted by 765 Books

Truth be told, I have not read 20 books in a Year for the last 8 years, so I am quiet sure that this is trying to over – achieve by my own standards, but it’s always exciting to be a part of a challenge.

I also love to see what others are reading, and find new blogs to follow and read.

I do not have a list of my books here. But I am reading just 1 book right now and that hopefully will be done soon. I will keep updating this post with reviews of all books that I read for this challenge.

So what are you reading now.

If I am not successful, I am determined to read 10 at least ❤️💙 Here is my list.

  1. Chocolat by Joanne Harris

1 thought on “20 Books of Summer Challenge

  1. Veens, it’s difficult to read a great deal when you have young children around, unless you are reading to them. But good luck with the reading challenge! I love the movie version of Chocolat, which I’ve watched a few times.

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