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Esselworld Water Kingdom – The Essentials Checklist

We have been to Essel World Water kingdom tons of times, but this time – I was in such a befuddled mess, that I left out much of the things that I should have taken! And thus came the idea of writing a checklist down [ that I hope I will refer to next time ] for things you need to take to Esselworld Water Kingdom – if you are with kids! Everything you need can be bought in Esselworld – but if you have it on hand – why sepnd the extra penny!

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Before you hit out here are somethings that you need to consider, health- related –

  1. Esselworld water kingdom is full of water and kids and people. There are tons of ways you could get sick. For kids, to not get any illness, please get vaccinated. A pediatrician will help you with this [ it is medical hence I will not splash the name of the vaccine here, because you need to talk to your Pediatrician before your kids take it ]
  2. Food and water is not allowed.  There are food Joints everywhere, you will find something to eat and drink.
  3. There is place for Senior Citizens to sit.
  4. Ideally I apply coconut oil all over their bodies and hair at least an hour before we leave. This is a natural deterrent to harmful chemicals entering the body.
  5. There are lockers available to keep personal belongings. But these lockers are small. So be aware of taking medium sized bags or bags that can be fitted inside.
  6. They will ask you to remove your Jewelry, safe to leave it at home.
  7. You all can go Barefeet. Because there is so much water. But if it is the summers – this is suicide, so taking a “Chappal” along would be good idea. Leave the chappals out during rainy season

#1 Clothes –

Swimming Dresses for the Entire family who is going in is mandatory in Esselworld water kingdom! I like to dress the kids in the smimsuits. And my husband has a set [ that we bought in Imagica couple of years back ], I myself have 2 sets, so we need not buy any new 🙂 SO rememeber your clothes have to be Lycra or a nylon made. I made the kids wear the same dress that they came in, so that was fine. You need 2 towels for a family of 4. We took 2 lockers, one in the Mal and the other in the Female section.

#2 Sunscreen

Something I often miss out on but is so important there! I use Mamaearth Mineral based Sunscreen for kids, and Biotique Suncreen for me. My husband doesn’t want a sunscreen [ blah!]! Apply 30 minutes before, and if you are going to be there for hours – you should ideally apply every 4 hours – you can reapply before you eat and then splash in water again.

#3 Wet Bags

Where will you put all the wet clothes when you come back? Of course you need plastic or wet bags. I keep an extra large plastic bag and dump all clothes in to it.

#4 Walker / Pram / Carrier

The first thing at entrance there is a set of steps that you need to climb, you will have to hold the baby while doing it.  I have seen people carry prams, up because it gets easier after you have croseed these flight of stairs. Everywhere else there are lesser number of stairs. I think Essel world should think about making the place Pram – friendly soon 🙂

There is something for all age – groups, so don’t hesitate while taking the little kid. But as there is so much to walk, a walker or pram is the best choice in Esselworld Water kingdom! It is Easy to Maneuver – even though there are steps, you can pick the pram up [ the light-weight ones] easily and get going.  The problem with carrier is obviously that if you get wet, the carrier will also get wet! Also if you aren’t planning to go around too much and are going to stick to one play zone then skip this altogether.

#5 Money –

You need money for food and water inside. You have no idea how thirsty one feels after all that pool time 🙂 If you take your purse, it will most probably get dreenched. Either get a waterproof pouch from home [ the zipped pouches ] or you can buy it there itself.

#6 Smart Bags

My Bohomia Bag was amazing on this trip! I fitted in it everything we needed as a family for the trip includnig the ca snacks and water and it fit in the Essel World Locker easily. There are so many pockets that I do not have to hunt for every small thing – it was well organized and super easy to carry. BEcause it took us around 1 hour to get there, we packed snacks like Ragi Bites and Biscuits and Some cut fruits too – in case the kids got hungry, we had it all covered!

These are some of the things I could think off, let me know if you have anymore tips in the comments! Essel world water kingdon is super fun place for kids and we enjoy going there every year!


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