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How to Find Fun Activities for Kids at Home – Guest Post #kidstoday

With Summer Holidays in FULL swing right now, I am sure, like me, each of you fabulous Moms are looking for ways to cut down on TV and find fun activities to do with kids! Here again Jan from Surf Excel, India has an insightful and awesome article which she so generously is sharing with my blog friends! At the end uou will find 2 of my favorite videos of he 6 shared via Surf Excel!

How to Find Fun Activities for Kids at Home

As parents, we’re always looking for new ways to entertain the kids – but sometimes it’s difficult to know what they really want to be doing. While we’re aware that children’s day-to-day activities can impact their development into adults, finding the balance between fun and educational is important; otherwise we’re left doing the activity alone while our kids run off to do more interesting things. Campaigns like the Surf excel Kids Today Project, which used clever head cameras to film all kinds of activities for kids from a child’s perspective, show that while modern kids have busy lives, they still love to play and learn as we did when we were kids. So it’s important to explore and experiment to find new, fun things for kids to do that will help engage both their minds and sense of adventure. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, however – here are some tips you might find useful on your hunt!

When you have kids to look after, finding time for yourself is often a rare thing. However, when you do manage to grab a spare minute (and don’t fall straight to sleep!) try booting up the computer and scrolling through Pinterest. If you’re not already familiar with this website, it’s basically an online scrapbook where you can search for pretty much anything – It’s full of ideas and inspiration for things to do. And when it comes to putting those ideas into action, there are plenty of websites to help you follow through, from brand sites dedicated to sharing fun things to do with kids – like Surf excel – to home-grown blogs like this one. The only problem with these sites is dragging yourself away from the screen, as they can be very addictive!

One thing us moms can often forget is how much the world has changed since we were kids – as the Kids Today Project makes very clear, modern childhood can be hectic! Our children will grow up in a very different environment to the one we were raised in. With so much technology at their fingertips, many of us are understandably concerned about letting them use gadgets while still ensuring their childhoods have the same freedom and creativity. Try giving your kids some dressing up clothes or props and just letting them use their imaginations: Unstructured play is an essential part of bolstering creativity! If your kids are still too young to play make-believe, reading books to children has always been one of the best ways to bond with our kids and set their minds off on adventures of their own.

Another stimulating activity for kids is board games. Playing board games with young children can be challenging, but it’s a great way to teach them to follow rules and understand instructions. A fun game to play together is called Kids Act. It’s much like charades, with a twist – you’ll love watching your kids act out the various animals and daily activities.

Inside or outside, making time to play and engage with your child is always a rewarding experience. Hide and seek is brilliant fun when you’ve got other children round to play and, if you’re feeling a little tired, a game of sleeping lions never fails to keep them quiet for a good ten minutes at least! One idea that’s been shared a lot on Pinterest lately is junk modelling. All you do is collect up your old toilet rolls, cereal boxes, plastic containers and clean trash and give them to your children to turn into weird and wacky creations! You will need to provide scissors and glue – so this activity does need to be supervised – but you will be endlessly surprised at what your child can create from a load of old rubbish.

Hopefully, these tips have given you something to think about with your own little ones – whether you’re looking for something to help them learn away from school, or just hoping to entertain them for a few hours. Just remember: The important thing is to have fun!


Thank you, Jan for this wonderful article! There are 6 awesome videos shared by Surf Excel on there website and here are 2 of my absolute favorite!

Did you know by 2020, half of the world kids will live in cities. What do your kids have to say, share it with #kidstoday! Mine wants more playgrounds with no restrictions!

Give your child a headstart, make him happy! Research shows unstructured play is really important for your child of today! So let them be… let them get messy and let them have loads of fun!


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    Thank you for this terrific post about the importance of play for children (and perhaps adults as well). The videos are wonderful. Aarya is lucky that you understand the value of unstructured play. I think kids learn so much during that time, on their own, and from each other. 🙂

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