5 Awesome Picture books on Kindle Unlimited

5 Awesome Picture books on Kindle Unlimited

September 30, 2018 20 By admin

I love Kindle! There, I said it! I used to be a Snob and was never going to read on any device until I downloaded the Kindle App on the phone, and there was no looking back from there! With Kindle Unlimited, Amazon provides us with an option to download 10 titles at a time, to read from the Kindle Unlimited Library. We recently started downloading picture books, which were otherwise expensive to buy in the Paperback version. There are some amazing titles available on Kindle Unlimited and this is a weekly feature on my blog [ #KidsBooksonKindleUnlimited ] where I share 5 Awesome Picture books on Kindle Unlimited.

We can download 10 eBooks at a time from the Kindle Unlimited Library

With Kindle came the Kindle Unlimited Subscription which we tried for 30days free, and we were hooked, For Rs. 169/- I could read endless books that were available on the Kindle Unlimited library

I Can Handle It (Mindful Mantras Book 1) by [Wright, Laurie]

I Can Handle It (Mindful Mantras Book 1) by Laurie Wright

This is a series called Mindful Mantras series! Handling emotions in toddlers is a huge task or so I thought but handling emotions in a soon to be a teen is even worse. So having a 4 [ but going on 20] and a soon to 9 [ but already showing signs of being 15 ]  has made me realize that I need to help them understand that it is ok to feel those feelings, [ heck! even I feel them all the time ] but feeling and reacting are different. 

I Can Handle It by Laurie Wright presents different scenarios in which  Sebastien, the little protagonist, is presented with something that’s irritating, annoying, or that makes him sad. After thinking about it, he comes up with the mantra, “I can Handle it”!

This book is truly liberating and amazing. I have found a gem that I can read to both my 4 and 8-year-old, and still find it useful and inspiring. Some books are available on Kindle Unlimited! Read I Can Handle it on Kindle Unlimited right away!

What If Everybody Did That? (What If Everybody?) by [Ellen Javernick, Colleen M. Madden]

If I threw one bottle out of the window of the car, it won’t matter right. But think if everyone did that. If everyone broke rules, what would happen to the harmony in the classroom, at home or in the world for that matter? A little ebook that helps kids see the big picture and why following rules and doing things in order to keep our surrounding clean is important. And that every small action has a huge impact!

Read What if everybody did that? on Kindle Unlimited right away!

Sneezy the Snowman by [Wright, Maureen]

Sneezy the Snowman has a cold and guess what he keeps doing, SNEEZE of course! This is a simple book with repetitive text! It is a cute book about a Sneezy who just wants to be warm! In this book however, the kids try hard to help him. My kids was thoroughly entertained and even I chuckled at what the silly snowman tried. 

Read Sneezy the Snowman on Kindle Unlimited right away!

I Am Yoga by [Verde, Susan]

Isn’t it evident that I absolutely love Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds? They have created some gorgeous and meaningful picture books that appeal to all age groups! This is one of those picture books that has spectacular illustrations (done by Peter Reynolds) and an absolutely important message of self- acceptance!  It teaches our littles to talk about emotions and teaches about stress and how to cope with it!’

I absolutely love the “Poses” index in the back. This book is great as a read-aloud, and is a great introduction to Yoga. An amazing book!

Read I am Yoga by Susan Verde on Kindle Unlimited right away!

The Museum by [Verde, Susan]

The Museum by Susan Verde and Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds is a beautiful book and we have reviewed it here. You can read my review of The Museum by Susan Verde and see why we love this gem a lot!

If you see the Paperback copies of almost all these books are a bit heavy on the pocket, however, reading on a device even though infinitesimally annoying is better than not experiencing them at all, don’t you think? 

Picture books on kindle unlimited

Are there any Kindle Unlimited Picture books you enjoyed that are not on my list, do comment with their names and I will try them out too!

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