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5 Favorite Picture Books and Related Activities – eBook FREE Download

Over the past long weekend, I worked hard on rounding up our 5 favorite Picture Books and looking through the activities we did, inspired by the books! And I am so very excited for you to have it! YES!!

This PDF has all the activiites we did based on
– The Owl Babies
– The Pleasant Rakshasa
– Little Blue Truck
– If you give a mouse a cookie
– Hooray for Fish!

All of these books are beloved to us, and it’s nostalgic to look at all these photos of Aarya, doing all these wonderful activities back when he was small 🙂 I cannot wait to start doing these with Anjali!
It’s highly recommended to extend reading time with some amazing activities. The activities can be art activities or math or even cooking! The activities help in building fine and gross motor and in a way imbibes enthusiasm in the kid to read more. Which is a positive trait! I have always found Aarya and Anjali more willing to read a book after I announce that after the reading, there will be am Activity to do!

This is also a time to BOND with your child. Don’t expect marvellous outcomes, the win is in the kiddo enjoying the activity and asking for more!

Don’t forget to frame the results and hang them on the wall 🙂

I hope you like it! Happy reading!

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