5 reasons I ditched Reading at Bedtime

June 27, 2017 7 By admin

The usual thing for me to do with Aarya when he was a small Bub was to lie down on the bed with him on my hand, with 1 or 5 books and have a Gala time reading all the books. This was our time together and we both loved it. Enter Little Ms. Sunshine, and I had 2 kids, 5 to 10 books, 2 arms with 2 heads and no idea how to hold the book. They wrestled, whose book would be read first while I try to balance everything which in the end toppled on one of their heads. After doing this for days, I DTCHED READING AT BEDTIME

2 kids

5 Reasons I Ditched reading at Bedtime

  • It was STRESSFUL

    Reading at bedtime was supposed to bring us together but in a way it was becoming a bedtime battle in our home. my routine of putting baby Aarya on my hand and cuddling and reading lend itself to an idea that we could read only like that. Which means when I tried to tell him to lie on a pillow, even at 6 he would think Mom is giving Anjali a preference by putting her on the hand. Having both of them on my hand was painful and I just couldn’t find any comfort in it. So at the end of the day I was dreading bedtime 🙁


  • Too Many books

    I realised much to my distress that there was some kind of silent competition going on. If Aarya chose 2 books, Anjali had to read 3 and so on. Seriously at the end of the day, who wants to spend so much time reading so many books. Here we were spending precious time debating which one to read. it always ended in disappointment


  • I was always TIRED 

    It wasn’t the reading, honestly. it was the fighting, the choosing, the making them understand. my goodness, it was so TIRING. I just did not want t deal with it at he end of the day


  • They seem to always be distracted 

    I am not sure if it is the sum total of
    trying to WIN, or what; but I saw a surge in them trying to spoil each other’s experience. There was also the fact that Aarya found Anjali’s choices boring, quite understandbly he did not want to read other counting book, or another toddler book.


  • We were always DISAPPOINTED

    It is given right, with so many reasons, I was always on edge and irritated even before we were done with the 1st book. Most of the time, I just tell them I am done and we are all so angry, disappointed and just plain not happy.


When this happened every time I tried reading to them, I decided to ditch bedtime reading. I do not have a bedtime routine yet. But we shifted our reading to other times.

I read –

  • in the morning, when my 3 year old wakes up all cranky, I have a book ready nd she is instantly interested in the book and not in the tantrum which she was about to explode into.
  • in te afternoon, after school.
  • in the evening when my 6 year old is back.

So we read anytime during our day and I don’t lie down anymore. I sit on the sofa, or sit on the floor or whatever suits us. We do it together only if we are reading a book that both of them fancy reading. But most of the time we do one-on-one reading. Anjali has her own special bedtime story session with her father, and thats something she loves. This is her alone time with her Dad, much like Aarya has his time of playing cricket with his Dad.



I also think limiting reading to bedtime is not fair! Because there is only a little time window there, reading should take up more time. It should be more fun and not a battleground <3 <3.

So, when do you read to your kid? How does bedtime reading work for you? Do you have a bedtime routine, do share <3

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