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#9Daysof Mommyhood – Let’s talk about Pregnancy

“Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.”

– Harriette Hartigan

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. 


Today’s prompt implore us to talk about our pregnancy! And because i experienced it twice, and both very diverse emotions and diverse experiences made me understand that “Every pregnancy Journey is unique, the experiences are unique and the feelings are unique”

My 1st Pregnancy

I had a very easy first pregnancy, I had no issues, I ate, I had fun and i felt so pampered, but I had strong emotional upheavals (hormones to be blamed). I used to feel emotions, I couldn’t explain, I used to have outbursts, used to cry for a long time. After 15 hours of labour, my first child was born through normal delivery. But there was no instant connect with him either. Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, child, shoes and outdoor

I struggled a lot with getting myself into that “perfect know – it – all” mom frame that exists only on TV or on Social Media, and I did not know what I was trying to achieve.  I struggled with breastfeeding for months, and then with the feeling of worthlessness, not getting attention, then to feeling overwhelmed by the whole mommying. I don’t remember anything being prefect in the first year post delivery!

Going for the next one-

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And then we decided (despite my experiences) to have our 2nd one! I was well prepared, emotionally equipped and I had my Husband prepared for all that lay ahead! But we weren’t really prepared for the emotional roller – coaster that our little boy would face! From being the only one to having his mom always occupied and not in her complete form, my little boy was not happy. His Big emotions came out in way of tantrums and whines and what not. I completely filled my 9 months in preparing him for a new sibling.

Preparing the Little Man for his Sibling

  • I started out by showing him his pictures when he was a baby. He had seen them, but I emphasized how tiny he was, how he couldn’t do anything without Mama. We talked about where babies live before they come into this world, how they eat, what they need and that we did all of this with him. We told him that right now there was a baby growing inside Mama’s Womb, and Mama has to feed the baby for the 1st six months from her Breasts. He was so curious, so understanding, but his question never stopped.
  • We read a lot of books together, the fiction ones, the non fiction ones. I did not tell him the “hows” but told him everything else.
  • We chose what toys we wanted to share with the baby, to which toys we did not want to share
  • We went to meet Babies. We saw a few if them, and eventually played and got to know them.
  • I always kept his reading time as our special time to cuddle and have fun.

Co – SLeeping

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Around 5th or 6th month we had to take this big decision, that Aarya and I couldn’t sleep next to each other because of the constant kicking. This was the worst time during the whole pregnancy. Aarya was so used to sleeping next to me, that it was very difficult for him to think of moving away from me. The transition was so difficult. Here are sme things that helped me –

  • we slept on the floor on 2 mattresses. we kept the mattress a little further away from each other.
  • we read books ( my standard way to introduce any thing for him)
  • we talked about a big boy bed everyday, and told him how he could have his own new bed and accessories!
  • we talked a lot about he was a big boy, who was independent and this was the only thing that he needed to do.

Even after everything there were lot of tears and frustations and lots of whyyyy y before he actually started sleeping on his own. we were firm ( we did not have an option) and within a month he started sleeping on his own.

Our 2nd Baby arrives

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Again after 15 hour long delivery, our bundle of preciousness was born and Aarya became a big brother! Our journey has been a mix of Ups and Downs, but I wouldn’t swap it for the world!

Being Moms we have so many different Avatars to play. Even if you are NOT a Mom by BIRTH, you go through the same exact situations in life and that makes you one awesome Mom.
<em>I would take the opportunity to introduce <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Charu</a>, who blogs at &lt;<a href=””><strong>The Mom Sagas</strong></a>&gt; You can check out her <strong>&lt;<a href=””>blog</a>&gt;</strong> on the prompt for today.</em>

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  1. We plan the second one to give company to the first one. And I have seen that a little older they enjoy their own company. But it is the most difficult time for a mom to maintain equality between the two. More than the first child, mom herself feels that her first child is being divided.

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