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#9DaysofWomanHood – My Delivery and My Baby

We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” – Laura Stavoe Harm

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I shared My Birth Story in this post and how we prepared our 1st born for our precious little 2nd one!

If I thought parenting one was hard, having 2 was a recipe for craziness. But we had so much fn together!
Single Child, Pampered, who got his way always, to an  older child, always asked for help and always the one who gets punished for the silliest of things – Aarya grew mentally and emotionally multi-fold in that 1st year

Why did we decide to go for a Second Child?

I get asked multiple times, why we ever thought having a second kid?

It was an emotional decision and like everything in my life this was an impulsive decision.

  • We wanted Aarya to have a sibling. we both have siblings and we love them a lot ( even though I fight like crazy with mine) and we wanted him to grow up with a sibling
  • We wanted a Girl, more than anyone else we wanted to have a girl child! We had a boy and that was awesome, but to have a Girl is to have a friend for life ( for a mom). It doesn’t matter that the Girl I wanted for myself has joined the boy Gang now as their Partner – in – crime <3
  • We always talk about having 2 kids, we both aren’t very good at parenting but we always wanted a Goofy Family of 4 🙂

How did it effect our 1st born?

  • Aarya started off feeling insecure, attention seeker and a lot of tantrums ensued. I was lucky that my parents were always there, and they took care of him, gave his attention and made a big deal about every small thing about him.
  • Aarya did not take too kindly that he was gifted a sister. He noted that it would have been better to have a brother. ( a 4 year old’s observation)
  • Aarya grew fond of her day by day <3
  • Aarya understood how to  play to gently with her, never push her and talk to her. Understand her needs better than me and help her in all of her many 1sts <3
  • He learned to share, to give, to love and to accept that she is his constant companion.
  • the essence of a sibling relationship is that they hate each other, but they care for each other, can’t stay without each other, but when they are together they fight like anything. Aarya doesn’t like it if Anjie goes away alone to Mom’s place and vice-versa 🙂
  • In this world where true friendships are really difficult, my kids have each other
  • they don’t need TV or other mediums to keep themselves occupied, they always are pretend playing,p[laying a game or something to keep themselves occupied, they also watch TV together.
  • they are poles apart, but they care for each other <3

I haven’t regretted our decision ever. In fact I kept asking my Husband if we should have one more hahaha, to which he just rolls his eyes LOL!

I am fortunate to have 2 kids, and a beautiful family, and an amazing online community of fabulous Mommy- Friends, and I couldn’t have asked for more!

I would take the opportunity to introduce Charu, who blogs at <The Mom Sagas> You can check out her <blog> on the prompt for today.

9 thoughts on “#9DaysofWomanHood – My Delivery and My Baby

  1. Wow, they share a loving bond and brothers are always helpful and protective to their little sisters. I like your points why you wanted to have another child. I know the bond I share with my mom is eternal and that’s the fun of having a girl child. Lucky you Veena.

  2. Your candor is wonderful! Although your young children may fight a lot, they are also learning many things. One of the most important things (believe it or not) they are learning everyday is how to get along with and love others.

  3. Veena, such a wonderful write up. Must read for ll who are in dilemma whether to have to not to have second baby.
    Loved reading it.

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