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9th Shot of Shock: ‘Lukundoo’ by Edward Lucas White.

I read ‘Lukundoo’ by Edward Lucas White as part of the 31 Shots of Shock.Every day of the month of October, I will be posting review of one horror short Story! This challenge is hosted by Rob @RobAroundBooks. You can join any day you want.

I know I am some shots behind, but I decided I need to do whatever it is needed to finish this … so I will be posting as many as I can 😉

Synopsis borrowed from Rob: While gathered in front of the fireplace with friends, Singleton relates the story of one of his past expeditions to Africa, where he had the misfortune of witnessing the horrendous fate that befell ex-classmate and respected African explorer, Ralph Stone, who ended up getting on the bad side of a local witch doctor.

It was horrific definitely. It was more gross and I am still fighting the images that conjure up when I think of this story. It had a slow start for me, I was not sure what to expect so I was really surprised, shocked and grossed (is there a word like that?) out. Read this one at your own risk 🙂

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